“Aluminium is one of the most important materials in Europe's transition to a carbon-neutral and circular economy. However, our contribution to climate protection and sustainability is always influenced by political framework conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important that we discuss these pressing industry issues in an interactive exchange during the ALUMINIUM Business Summit”
Dr. Gerd Götz, Director General, European Aluminium

The most important meeting place of the year for the entire aluminum industry. With the new format, ALUMINIUM, Aluminium Deutschland and the CRU Group are pulling together to accompany the industry in constructively tackling the biggest challenges: the future of mobility, digitalization, sustainability and the future rules of the international market. The two-day hybrid congress format brings experts together live and digitally to exchange ideas and, in addition to market insights, finally creates a setting for a long-awaited personal reunion once again.

Sessions at the Business Summit include:

  • Mobility: What will the power train of the future look like? What will the individual mobility of tomorrow look like? And where exactly do the opportunities and limits of aluminum lie from the perspective of the automotive and aviation industries?
  • Sustainability: Aluminum plays its trump card in the closed recycling loop. But is the material really already the perfect solution today? Experts still see an urgent need for action.
  • Digitalisation: The future belongs to the alliance of man and machine. However, there are many paths to the industry of tomorrow. The Summit offers interesting travel reports.
  • Markets: New markets and new players - top analysts at the Summit provide insight into the most important market changes and the most successful business models you should know about.

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