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Centre for Copper and Mining Studies

Centre for Copper and Mining Studies (Cesco)


The Center for Copper and Mining Studies, Cesco, is an independent and plural organization that promotes social legitimacy and confidence of the country in its mining as a development engine.

In order to achieve the above, it monitors and provides information and quality analysis in novel formats. Besides, it supports activities that others promote and encourage and fosters thoughts and dialogue among members of the mining world and civil the society.

It also drives a set of national and international events widely renowned for their high quality and call, including:

Cesco Week, Santiago

Asia Copper Week, Shanghai

What we value

Independence and objectivity: We encourage independent and rigorous analysis of the challenges and opportunities that are critical to the mining industry, both in a domestic and regional level.

Leadership: Our members and collaborators are professionals and experts with proven track record and experience in the mining industry and other sectors.

Ability to influence: We are a national and international model in the timely identification, debate and evaluation of those critical issues that might affect a healthy development of the mining sector and its relation with the country.

Diversity: We favour the participation of a diverse group of people so as to ensure the richness of dialogue and participation to create a mid and long term look for the country’s future.