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The best place for a Telco to learn what others do, is to witness the newest developments and to share what they do with all stakeholders to create a sustainable ecosystem

Rajiv Weragama, Engineer, Sri Lanka Telecom

Thank you for the opportunity to learn the most comprehensive information in digital revolution happening today.

Angelito N Camo Jr, Network Manager, Batangas

FTTH APAC Conference is the best way to be updated in the current network technology and a great event to socialise and expand both your network and network infra knowledge.

Jayson Kiong, Sr. IT Specialist, Greenfield Development Corp.

Great conference. Focus and sharing from many countries and also update on technology

Richard Kartawijaya, Director, PT. Arthur Andersen Indonesia

Very high-level quality of delivery of conference with deep understanding of local markets and global standards

Venkatesan Babu, Head - Business Development, India, DSM Functional Materials

Gained insights from how other countries and operators were able to implement and overcome challenges FTTH

Hazel B. Monje, Head Product Management , Radius Telecoms, Inc.

Leading FTTH Industry Council. Meet the future fibre life enrich life through interconnection

Victor Wang, Marketing Network, Huawei

Very good/ successful conference. High profile guest speakers. All presentations provide lots of valuable information. variety of challenges mentioned.

Raadj Matai, Director, YOFC

Well organised, good catering, interesting exhibitors, nice gala event.

Dennis Juchem, Consultant/Product Manager, Detecon Asia-Pacific Ltd

The event was alive, I have learned a lot so that benefit for business.”

Ari Tjahjanto, PT Mega Akses Persada , FiberStar

The event promotes intimate business relationship among stakeholders. It is a small gathering yet provides bigger opportunity to meet vendors, practitioners, operators and the council easily.

Neil Tagabi, Asian Vision Cable Holdings, Inc.

Showing the way to a brighter future via technology innovation and partnership.

Adrian Adriano, MAnager, RA OMEGA Cable TV Corp

Breaking down the trends and where the future is going.

Marilen D Adriano, Vice President - Finance, RA OMEGA Cable TV Corp

Applicable steps were learned. Significant concepts gained.

Rodel Louis Ruiz, BDG Engineer, Northstar Cable TV

I recommend because of the variety of content in the conference.

Ahamed Mohamed Rifnaz, Engineer/Network/North Central Province, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC

FTTH Council Asia Pacific future-proofing our communication needs.

Michael Pagcaliwagan, IT & ICT Officer, Greenfield Development Corp

Great event, a lot to learn!

Don Canon, Senior ICT Manager, Greenfield

Learned a lot with the rich and diverse workshops that covered technical, commercial and government sectors.

Carlo Valenzuela, Director, Globe Telecom

The conduct of FTTH APAC conference 2018 here in the Philippines is very much welcomed and expected to provide the government and local industry players a platform in establishing strong linkages and partnerships with other countries.

Michael Stephen Gorospe, Planning Officer, DICT

It was great to meet a lot of people and understand their perspective.

Keshav Nepal, CEO, WorldLink

Everything went so well, very interesting topics and happy delegates! Cheers to FTTH Council! CRU team!

Shierly San Jose, Marketing Manager, InfoCom GmbH


Genevieve D Adriano, Executive Vice President - Operations, RA Omega Cable TV Corporation