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Exhibitor Profiles 2019


Nextrom is the leading global supplier of production technologies for optical fibers and fiber optic cables. Our core competencies include solutions for optical glass making, fiber drawing, fiber coating, ribbon making, proof testing and fiber optic cable production. From first contact onwards, we provide customized high quality solutions and personal support to ensure total customer satisfaction. Nextrom is a business unit of Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH. Find out more at www.rosendahlnextrom.com.

Umicore EOM

Umicore is a global materials technology group and our closed-loop and sustainable sourcing business model is a powerful differentiator. Umicore Electro-Optic Materials (EOM) is creating material and recycling solutions, such as GeCl4 dopants for optical telecom fiber, for our customers around the world. The hyper-connectivity megatrend is at the center of our new product and services developments. This megatrend is a combination of ubiquitous communication networks, sensors and artificial intelligence and it will create exciting new possibilities and opportunities in our businesses and personal lives.

Bartell Machinery Systems

Since 1940, Bartell has been a fixture in the wire and cable industry supplying a variety of manufacturing solutions from strip armouring to stranding and bunching. From design to installation and service our goal is to ensure our customers realize success using our innovative solutions.

COOLUV Technology Inc.

Innovation on UV LED technology since 2009, Cooluv Technology Inc. has been focusing on UV LED for ten years. Cooluv has developed five generations products for optical fiber industry. Now over 120 optical fiber drawing lines and over 150 optical fiber coloring machines are running with Cooluv UV LED curing system. 

Photon Kinetics

Photon Kinetics is the leading supplier of optical fiber testing solutions which include preform analyzers, fiber geometry and transmission characterization systems, as well as test automation products that reduce overall fiber measurement costs. The company also provides industry- standard fiber cleaving technology and OEM measurement capability for network monitoring.


SIKORA AG is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative online quality control technologies for future-oriented industries. SIKORA International Corp., a subsidiary of SIKORA AG, is the support and sales center for all SIKORA activities within North and South America. Customers benefit from increasing quality, profitability and efficiency of the manufacturing process. 


Soltech Infonet INC was established in 2001 with the purpose of providing optical communication system solutions. Soltech Infonet has grown together with our customers through the provision of optical communication systems. With first-priority value of providing and supporting the most satisfaction to our partners and costumers

Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Heraeus Noblelight offers advanced UV curing systems for optical fiber draw, coloring, ribboning, strength member, and cable marking applications. See industry leading microwave-powered systems and our most recent innovation, the Semray® UV PC6003 LED curing system. Active since the dawn of optical fiber technology, come talk to our industry experts.


IMMCO.inc is an engineering services company that became a leading provider for enterprise solutions to the cable & telecom industries with a team of 400 having designed some of the biggest networks in the world. With expertise spanning RF, HFC, Fiber, Small Cell, GIS, network design, geospatial data services, and custom software development, IMMCO has been involved in all phases of network development globally. Its software, iBISS, has accelerated network deployment by 30% from walkout through construction.

ASI Silica Machinery

ASI/Silica Machinery is the global market leader in equipment and process for manufacturing optical fiber preforms. Founded in 1997, ASI/Silica Machinery manufactures its equipment, supported by its own R&D facility, in the USA. We design and supply a full range of machines for the production of core and clad silica based optical fiber preforms. ASI/Silica Machinery equipment is operating in Europe, India, Asia and America. We are proud to have empowered key companies to take full control of their optical fiber production to meet increasing global demands. Our 200 plus operating machines attest to high production volumes and financial performance, accounting for about 10% of the world’s current optical fiber production. ASI/Silica Machinery is the preform capital equipment supplier of choice. Our research and manufacturing facilities are located in Los Angeles, California, USA. Contact us to see how ASI/Silica Machinery can help you produce optical fiber preforms at globally competitive prices. 

Weikai group was founded in 1997, which is the leading manufacturer of functional coatings and adhesives in China. At present, graduates and PHDs account for 65% in the company, which enhanced the R&D strength and extended the application field. Until now, we have gained 158 authorizations of invention patent and 3 PCT International patents, which 30 series of high-tech achievements is transformed successfully.

Weikai have developed the fiber coatings, coloring ink and ribbon resin of Chengying Brand on the base of professional technical team and mature technology, leading the industry to an effective, energy saving and eco-friendly development.

Corning Incorporated

Corning is transforming the way the world connects. Since ushering in the telecommunications revolution with the invention of low-loss optical fiber in 1970, we have been continually innovating to increase the speed and capacity of optical networks around the globe, while reducing installation costs. Today, our Optical Communications business delivers solutions for growing segments like fiber to the home, wireless technology, and hyper-scale data centers.

Miltec UV

Miltec UV is a leading manufacturer of high-performance UV curing systems used in optical fiber draw towers for coating, coloring, and cable marking. For 30 years, we have provided quality UV curing systems, consumable parts, in-house lab testing, and onsite technical support. 


Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) (Stock Code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) is the largest provider of optical fibre perform, optical fibre and cable in the world. YOFC mainly produces and sells optical fibre preforms, optical fibres and cables of various standard specifications widely used in the communication industry, and various types of special optical fibres, cables, and RF coaxial cables and accessories based on customer requirements. With a complete integration system, YOFC provides engineering design services and solutions to meet different demands of every industry user. Its products have been widely used in China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and other communication operators, as well as power, broadcasting and TV, transportation, aerospace, chemical industry, petroleum, medical and other industries. Its products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

After 30 years of efforts, through the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation of technology, YOFC has achieved a perfect transformation from an industry follower to an industry leader, driving the overall technological progress and industrial development. Meanwhile, YOFC was listed in Hong Kong in December 2014 and listed in Shanghai in July 2018, creating a new pattern in capital market. As the first company in China’s optical fibre and cable industry listed both in Hong Kong and Shanghai, YOFC has opened a two-round capital operation.

In the future, YOFC will maintain its mission of “Smart Link, Better Life”, and adheres to the core values of “Client Focus, Accountability, Innovation and Stakeholder Benefits”. In order to become the leader in information transmission and smart link, YOFC will actively deploy in the growth of the bar fiber business, technological innovation, smart manufacturing, international regional expansion, related diversification and coordinated growth of capital operation.