Outlined Agenda

What can you expect at this year’s World Optical Fibre & Cable Virtual Conference? The final agenda is being finalised but get a preview of what will be discussed at the event:
What has been driving increased demand for fibre and cable in 2021? Are these demand increases sustainable?
Is the market divergence between key regional markets set to continue? Will we also see increased decoupling of fibre and cable prices?
How might European trade action take shape? Will it be enough to discourage imports? How long will the respite last for European players?

Are we approaching peak demand in China? What insights can be gleaned from recent tenders held by China’s leading network operators?

Will recently shut down facilities come back into production? Could the return of mothballed excess capacity act as a ceiling for raising prices?

How are FTTH roll outs advancing in the US, Europe and Asia? What is the forecast for next year and how has the pandemic impacted network deployment costs?

Will 5G truly represent the next wave of optical cable demand or will that demand come from somewhere else?

What is causing materials inflation and transportation bottlenecks? What does this mean for cable production costs and supply chain management?

What are the latest trends in datacenter development? Will a move from hyperscale to localised edge computing impact the nature of cable demand?