Virtual Networking

The SMU Steel Summit Virtual Conference will have a strong focus on networking, to facilitate business and to give you that human connection. 

From the minute you enter the virtual venue you'll be able to see everyone else who is there.

You can search the full delegate list, and see who else is online with you - and even see where they are in the virtual venue.

You can start networking and booking those all important meetings, start chats, video calls and more - here's how:

From the lobby (or anywhere else), click on 'Attendee list' to see who else is attending – search by name, company, or keyword.  

Every delegate is encouraged to complete their profile, including their interests, to make the best of the virtual networking function. 



See 'Who's Online' -  wherever you are in the venue - even in the auditorium
.  This filters the 'Attendee List' to just those who are logged into the event – and you can see where they are in the virtual venue – in the Lobby, the Exhibit Hall, the Resources Center or in the Auditorium.

From both the 'Attendee List' and 'Who’s Online', you can click on a person to see their profile, start a chat, start a video call, send them a message (this goes to their email) or request a meeting.


Benefits of Virtual Networking:

  • Easily find who you want to network with - search by name, job title, company or keyword
  • Easily find where people are in the venue with the click of a mouse 
  • Make new connections easily - no need to know what the person looks like to find them
  • Connect and communicate your way - send an email, a message, a chat, or start a video call
  • Meet in a group - you can have a group video chat with up to 5 of your fellow attendees – easily find and connect to all of them 
  • Request private meetings with one person or up to 25 participants
  • Add your conference schedule/meetings to your Outlook calendar from the platform – ensuring no clashes with regular work commitments
  • When watching a presentation you can see who is in the audience and communicate with them
  • Wherever you are in the venue, you can interact with others quickly and easily, maximizing your time
  • And more - we'll share with you soon!