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We will shortly be launching the Steel 201 Workshop on our customized virtual platform

Steel 201: Commodities, Steel Pricing & Decarbonization of the Industry

Steel Market Update are developing an exciting new program with our CRU partners, Steel 201 Workshop, which will cover in detail steel costs by looking at key commodities (iron ore, coal, energy) both from an international and North America basis.

We will look at the carbon curve and explain why U.S. steel producers have a much smaller carbon footprint and what this will mean in a “Clean Steel” future. This will be a two-day virtual workshop.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions in an interactive Q&A's after each main topic plus live networking, so you can meet and mingle with the instructors and other workshop attendees.

The advantages of the virtual workshop are many, including the ability to watch segments both live and on-demand if you miss something, or want to re-watch a particular topic.  There will be resources to download, live networking, and extended time to explore the workshop material and message the instructors after the live programming with more specific questions.

Attendees will also receive a comprehensive workbook as well as access to related resources on the Steel Market Update website.

This workshop is the perfect training for anyone involved in the steel industry, whether you are just starting out, or simply want to learn more about how steel is produced and sold.

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