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Sulphur Training

Save your company time and money by educating your staff and avoiding costly errors. Our courses examine real-world problems and provide effective solutions, preparing participants to anticipate complications before they arise. RefComm training uses proven techniques lead by seasoned instructors with decades of field experience. Classes include independent thinking and group problem-solving exercises on real situations to cement the learning. With the knowledge gained from our training courses, your staff will have the confidence and awareness to think on their feet and get the job done safely and efficiently.

Cost: €1,795 + VAT
14 hours of training, with a certificate of completion
Please note: Registration for the training is separate from registration for the conference

Introduction to the sulfur recovery unit process and chemistry, equipment and operation

What you can discover: This two-day course will cover an introduction to the sulfur recovery unit process and chemistry, equipment and operation, including real life operating problems. Other pertinent topics include oxygen enrichment, tail gas clean up technologies, sulfur degassing and incineration.

The sulfur recovery unit (SRU) is arguably the most important unit in a refinery or gas plant due to legislations for producers to make clean fuels. The unique characteristics of sulfur and its necessary removal will be covered with an in-depth view of the SRU operation and equipment. Special focus will be given to real life operating problems and troubleshooting. Related topics of oxygen enrichment, tail gas clean up, degassing and incineration will also be discussed.

Who should attend: New and experienced refinery and gas plant staff including operators, maintenance staff and engineers who want to learn and optimize the reliability of their facilities.;

What will you learn:

  • Claus Process Overview
  • Equipment Design and key features
  • SRU Operating Problems
  • Oxygen Enrichment
  • Tail Gas Clean Up technologies
  • Tail Gas Clean Up Operating Problems
  • Incineration
  • Sulfur Degassing and handling

Course fee:
  €1795 + VAT

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About Your Instructor

Elmo Nasato is a process engineer specializing in sulfur recovery, amine treating and sour water processing. He has over 35 years experience in the sulfur recovery industry including experience with design, retrofit, start-up and optimization of sulfur recovery units, sulfur handling units, amine units, sour water stripper units, and tail gas cleanup units. On-site field activities have included support of construction activities, turnaround assistance and Operator training. Elmo graduated from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with a B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering (1987) with an option in Management Science. He currently is the president of Nasato Consulting Ltd. In addition, he serves on the Brimstone Sulfur Recovery Symposium Advisory Committee, the Technical Advisory Committee for the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference, the Technical Advisory Committee for Alberta Sulphur Research Limited (ASRL) and serves on the Board of Directors for ASRL. Elmo has also taught courses in the Chemical Engineering departments of the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo. He has been awarded eight patents for SRU operation, oxygen enrichment and sulfur degassing technologies, has published 42 papers and has made over 75 presentations at conferences worldwide.