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Who We Are

The African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2012 by a partnership of African development organizations. It was built on the work of the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program (CAADP), a framework for achieving ambitious agriculture development goals set in place by African nations and leaders.  

AFAP has since evolved into a social enterprise and service provider to the private and public sectors on sustainable development projects and policies focused on market-driven business solutions in fertilizer and agribusiness for agriculture productivity.

AFAP combines technical expertise with entrepreneurial innovation. We  add value to the fertilizer and agribusiness value chain by building the capacity and linking African Hub-Agrodealers and Smallholder Farmers to global fertilizer and food companies, balanced crop nutrition products, technology, financing,  and equipment providers in Africa.  We are committed to furthering social inclusion and gender equality throughout all our intervention with strategic partners across Africa.  

AFAP’s public-private partnership strategy is ultimately designed to build the capcacity of African fertilizer and  agribusiness SMEs, and increase agricultural productivity. The execution of that strategy with partners, results in increasing food security, income, job creation, and agriculture contribution to national GDPs.  

Our Vision:

To be an effective catalyst working towards a more inclusive, agriculture-driven prosperous Africa by applying sound business principles and strategies, market-driven solutions to the fertilizer and agribusiness sector by building better and stronger local companies that will ultimately increase food security and engender prosperity across the African continent. 

Our Mission:

To enhance fertilizer and agribusiness development and investments across Africa by planning, financing and implementing initiatives in collaboration with public and private sectors, donors and NGO stakeholders.  

What We Do 

AFAP adds value to the agriculture value chains, through market driven business solutions advisory and consultancy services, SME capacity building, and program management services. AFAP offers:


A range of consultancy and advisory services on an on-going or ad-hoc basis, including:

Market Entry Services: Specialist advice on developing investment and trade relationships to international fertilizer and agribusiness companies interested in trading, value creation and investing in Africa in the input and outputs markets 
Hub-Agrodealer Development: Identification, mapping, capacity building
Market Analysis: Advice on Africa Agriculture landscape and commercial issues including fertilizer blending plant feasibility studies, blending plant audits, and conceptualization
Linkages to Public Sector: Facilitate beneficial Public Private Partnerships to develop sustainable and competitive Fertilizer and Agribusiness value-chains 
Business to Business Linkages: Facilitate business to business interactions and linkages to qualified SMEs to increase market share and revenue of clients
Inputs Subsidy Programs Advisory: To help government make the appropriate evidence-based decision regarding subsidies
Trade Missions: AFAP assists companies looking to build international connections and business partnerships through our outgoing and incoming trade missions across Africa 


AFAP works with fertilizer and agribusiness partners to train, guide and mentor African entrepreneurs to acquire business skills, share knowledge and apply innovative technologies to help increase their household income.


Plan, implement and monitor innovative projects that address local challenges including:  

Value Chain Management: Analysis & Management to increase agricultural productivity
Access to Finance/ Guarantee Facility: Facilitate access to finance particularly credit, credit guarantees, DFI financing, matching grants and risk management products to SMEs for the market to grow and flourish
Output Markets: Linking farmers to market while showing profitabilty per crop and region
National Fertilizer Systems
Volunteer Program: Volunteers provide technical skills, mentoring and training directly to communities in need to develop ideas, teach different trades within the agribusiness sector. 
Youth in Agribusiness: To build the capacity of youth interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the fertilizer and agribusiness industry. We aim to empower the spirit of entrepreneurship in Africa.   


AFAP works to build enabling enviroment for fertilizer sector growth in Africa. Our premise is that an enabling environment is critical for increased private sector participation and investment in the fertilizer space. Therefore AFAP works to facilitate private sector input to fertilizer policy design and implementation in order to create a more enabling environment for fertilizer business.  We do this by offering a range of policy advisory services as follows:

Support for public-private dialogs (PPDs) 
Support to national fertilizer trade associations and agrodealer associations 
Policy Services to the Private Sector – AFAP provides policy advice to private companies on how to navigate policy and regulatory issues that affect their operations
Policy Support to Government – AFAP policy support to governments includes: analysis of  fertilizer policies and regulations using a private sector lens to identify constraints to fertilizer supply and distribution and recommendations on how to make the policy environment more private sector friendly 


The annual East and Southern Africa Fertilizer Trade Platform (ESAF) and the West Africa Fertilizer and Agribusiness Conferences represents a commercial-driven collaboration between the public sector, private sector and civil society to promote dialogue, share knowledge on good practices, and promote the trade of fertilizers and agribusiness to increase food security in Africa.

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