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Agenda 2022 

**The timing displayed is in Chile Time Zone

Keynote presentation – Government of Chile

Minister Marcela Hernando Pérez, Minister of Mines, Ministry of Mining, Government of Chile

Session 1 - Keynote discussion: Key risks and opportunities in global copper markets

  • From the royalty discussion in Chile and Peru, to the lack of many committed projects beyond the next two years, to questions about where finance for new project will come from. How will the supply-side evolve?
  • Delivering on core ESG principles and the UN SDGs are key industry goals - What strategies are being implemented to meet investor, customer and community expectations?
    • How will increased cost in meeting sustainable development goals impact future project development?
  • Supply side concerns such as goods shortages, container availability and the energy crunch have impacted the supply-side. What impact could this have on processing locations and inventories?
  • There are still a large number of COVID related risks and concerns – How and to what extent will they impact operations, supply and demand
  • Will urgency for net-zero accelerate the drive to EVs and renewables?

Octavio Araneda, CEO, Codelco
Jorge Gómez, Executive President, Minera Collahuasi
Clayton Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Copper, Rio Tinto
Ragnar Udd, President Minerals Americas, BHP
Vanessa Davidson, Director of Copper Research and Strategy, CRU
Juan Merlini, Head of Sales & Marketing – Base Metals, Vale

Session 2 - Keynote discussion: Technological pathways to lowering emissions

  • Making mining smarter, more efficient and sustainable
  • Low-carbon hydrogen in mining: the energy transition's missing link
  • The MissionZero mine What's Ahead for Mining?
  • Strengthening the Industry with AI and analytics in 2022

Juliana Barros Damasceno, Low Carbon Hydrogen Lead, Latin America, Worley
Fleming Voetmann, Vice President – Sustainability, FLSmidth
Ricardo Garib, President, Weir Minerals Division
JT Clark, Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group
Robert Owens, Business Development Manager, Bechtel

Session 3 - Scrap

  • Could a step up in recycling rates in all regions impact dampen the positive outlook?
  • When will the copper consumed in the boom of the noughties come back into the market? Would this material displace primary demand in a meaningful way?
  • Exploring the step-up in Chinese recycling investments

Kurt Breischaft, President, SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS
Michael Lion, President, Lion Consulting Asia Ltd, and Everwell Resources Ltd
Eoin Dinsmore, Research Manager, Base Metals, CRU

ICA Workshop - Future Energy Transition

  • Steady Substitution Impact
  • New and Emerging Power Cable Demand
  • The Role and Demand for Copper in the Future Automotive Market


Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, Managing Partner, DMM Advisory Group
John J. Connor, President, SAI INDUSTRIAL LLC
Luke Gear, Senior Technology Analyst, IDTechEx
Ernest Scheyder, Mining and Future Energy Correspondent, Reuters
Luis M. Gerard, President, Frigus Bohn

Chile’s constitutional process and royalty reform discussion: Business as usual or a transformative landscape?

Alejandra Fernandez Campbell, Senior Credit Analyst; Director, Lat Am Corporate Finance, Fitch Ratings
Martin Valdes, Partner, Managing Director, Resource Capital Funds
Jose Tomas Morel, Director of Studies, Consejo Minero

Keynote presentation

Robert Friedland, Founder, Executive Co-Chairman, Ivanhoe Mines

Boliden – A leader in the climate transition

  • Low carbon metals
  • Extracting value from waste
  •  World class waste solution

  • Daniel Peltonen, President, Boliden Smelters

    ESG’s increasing importance in the investment decision

    • Investment Strategies
    • Sustainable Bond Issuance Activity
    • Impact on Credit Ratings
    • Key Trends

    Joe Bormann, Managing Director, Regional Group Head Latin America Corporates, Fitch Ratings

    Carbon neutrality - policy and governance implications

    It is hardly a coincidence that countries blessed with the greatest natural resources in general, and mining in particular, also are seen to have the highest levels of corruption and poor economic performance. There is thus an imperative of mining companies to achieve increased social acceptance and economic contribution.
    This is becoming increasingly important under emerging world conditions, to address emerging social demands and associated structural adjustments. Chief among such imperatives are the need to respond to the international agreements to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century, as well as more effective response to recent global pandemic conditions, which are symptomatic of the limits of continuing economic development under existing technological and management practices.  
    The presentation for the World Copper Conference will consist of a paper and power point for discussion at a special session, which will summarize the issues and their governance and policy implications, to help the copper sector to engage itself in the emerging agenda to achieve effective and productive participation under emerging conditions.
    Miguel Schloss, President, Surinvest Ltda

    EV and renewables related demand

    Marcus Garvey, Head of Metals and Bulk Commodities Strategy, Macquarie

    Copper concentrate trading themes for 2022

    • Fundamental mix of new copper concentrate suppliers for 2022: with a number of unusual qualities entering the market in 2022, what are some the trading themes industry will face?
    • Concentrate trade and ESG accountability: tracking supplier scope 3 emissions by the individual trade.
    • Smelter concentrate feed optimisation from economic and an emission perspective

    Ryan Cochrane, Head of Research, Open Mineral

    Copper, the economy and investors

    Duncan Hobbs, Research Manager, Concord Resources Ltd

    Long term supply and projects

    Erik Heimlich, Head of Base Metals Supply, CRU

    Panel discussion - Copper price outlook

    Duncan Hobbs, Research Manager, Concord Resources Ltd
    Marcus Garvey, Head of Metals and Bulk Commodities Strategy, Macquarie
    Nicholas Snowdon, Metals Strategist, Goldman Sachs
    Robert Edwards, Managing Consultant, CRU
    Erik Heimlich, Head of Base Metals Supply, CRU

    Panel Discussion - Copper Mark: Why responsible business is good business

    • Responsible business practices are becoming the norm in today’s market. How are companies demonstrating good practices?
    • The clean energy transition offers great opportunities for the copper industry. To what extent are consideration on responsible business practices integrated in procurement strategies? What role do direct customers of copper play?
    • What is the business case for copper producers to demonstrate responsible practices? What are the benefits to the business, people and the environment of ensuring responsible business practices?


    Michèle Brulhart, Executive Director, The Copper Mark
    René Aguilar, VP Sustainability, Antofagasta
    Marcel Brinkhof, VP Metal Procurement, Southwire
    Joel Frijhoff, Lead Sustainability Advisory, Orsted

    Brazilian copper mining expansion

    Pedro Paulo Dias Mesquita, Secretário de Geologia, Mineração e Transformação Mineral

    Argentinian copper mining outlook

    Nadav Rajzman, Director Nacional de Promoción y Economía Minera, Ministerio de Desarrollo Productivo, Government of Argentina

    Sulphuric acid seminar - Acid price decline is a question or when not if, but how far will the market fall in 2022?

  • Can acid prices remain at current levels or will affordability issues pull them lower?
  • What can ease trade acid market tightness into 2022?
  • What role will China play in the traded acid market?

  • Peter Harrisson, Head of Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid Analysis, CRU
    **The timing displayed is in Chile Time Zone