This year CRU’s World Copper Conference will be held 2 weeks earlier this year during CESCO Week Santiago in between March 23 to 25. 
These partnered events provide the most important commercial and networking opportunities in the industry attracting over 500 delegates and CEO participants from the world’s most important miners and smelters.

This year, with the social unrest in Chile, The Sheraton is probably one of the best locations in the city as it is in a neighbourhood that has been unaffected by any of the demonstrations. It is very secure with excellent access.  CESCO Week and the conference are going ahead, the event is very important to the Chilean industry and government and there is a strong desire to make sure that it goes ahead. We are taking added precautions and have a larger security team this year and are working with the local police to ensure the integrity of the event.

Both the conference and the dinner are receiving strong support from the industry, many local and international companies have confirmed their attendance and the dinner is almost sold out. 

"In the current context, where the mining business is challenged and the creation of social value is an imperative, Cesco Week becomes a necessary instance to get together and discuss the new challenges that affect the industry in terms of sustainability, environment and governance, both in Chile and in the rest of the world. Up to date we have over a thousand confirmed attendees for the Cesco Dinner Santiago 2020 and we expect this number to increase."  Alejandra Wood, Executive Director, CESCO

Why is 2020 important?

Chile is undergoing a period of social unrest caused by inequality in its society. These underlying collective frustrations are not unique to Chile. Many of the jurisdictions in which the mining industry operates are more volatile and far less developed. The social value that the mining industry creates and how this value is perceived in the long term and away from its operations is one of the key challenges that it faces. 

Against a back drop of significant climate change, the environmental, sustainable and governance dimensions of mining are also in the spotlight.  Impacting investment, access to land and supply of strategic goods such as water and energy. Technology is playing a central role in addressing some of these issues and leading companies employ the high levels of environmental management and controls in operations and in their clean-up processes. 

Overall, the purpose of the mining business is being challenged and social value creation is becoming the goal in this complex scenario. As a leading public forum, the World Copper Conference will address how the mining industry will update its value proposition to communities and societies and transition into a safer, smarter, more inclusive and sustainable industry.  

For discussion of this important subject and coverage of other important topics such as the outlook for Chinese demand, scrap, prices and supply join the World Copper Conference 2020. 





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