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Koch Agronomic Services

Koch Agronomic Services, LLC and its affiliates produce and market a proven and expanding global portfolio of plant performance technologies for agriculture producers. With a commitment to creating real, sustainable, long-term value for customers and society, Koch Agronomic Services focuses on developing customer-driven solutions to maximize plant performance and minimize environmental impact.

Koch Agronomic Services, LLC y sus filiales producen y comercializan una cartera global comprobada y en crecimiento en tecnologías de rendimiento de la planta para agricultores. Con el compromiso de crear un valor a largo plazo, real y sostenible para los clientes y la sociedad, Koch Agronomic Services se enfoca en desarrollar soluciones orientadas al cliente para maximizar el rendimiento de la planta y minimizar el impacto ambiental.

Verdesian Life Sciences US LLC

The Nutrient Use Efficiency People. At Verdesian Life Sciences, we live and breathe by one goal: to enable a sustainable future for farmers through nutrient use efficiency. We do this by developing products and technologies that help farmers grow more with less. Our nutrient use efficiency solutions help your plant reach their full potential, sustainably.

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We are a leading global specialty minerals company that creates impactful solutions for humanity’s sustainability challenges in the global food, agriculture, and industrial markets.
ICL reaches millions of lives across the globe every day. We leverage our unique resources and technological ingenuity to create sustainable and impactful solutions across many industries.
Our products are used every day by millions of people.
• Minerals - We are a market-leading mineral producer with major potash, phosphate, and bromine natural resources that are an integral part of our unique and high-end technology and solutions.
• Engineer and innovate- With our innovation, technological ingenuity, and market-leading partnerships, we take pride in our innovative products and are always one step ahead.
• Committed to sustainability- Our core values lead us to root sustainability into everything we do, in all aspects from mining, production, and product life cycle. We lower our environmental footprint and implement sustainability and circular economy in everything that we do.
• Produce and sell globally- With almost a century of global activity, we are making an impact all around the world and are proud to have our products accessible to all, everywhere.
• We reach millions every day- Our products serve a variety of industries and are used every day by people from all walks of life.
ICL is dedicated to improving food security and is an essential part of the global food supply chain. We contribute to food security through a broad array of AgTech solutions, fertilizers, alternative proteins, and other products that enable food to maintain longer shelf life and reduce food waste.