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9:15 - 10:15
Markets overview panel - Focus on nitrogen, potash and phosphates markets

Shruti Kashyap, Head of Nitrogen, CRU
Logan Collins, Markets Editor, Potash, CRU
Maurício Fortuna, Research Analyst , CRU
Jennifer Willis-Jones, Senior Markets Editor, Nitrogen, CRU

10:15 - 10:35
How to Adjust Fertilizer Recommendations in Time of HighFertilizer Prices

Luís I. Prochnow, Diretor Geral, Nutrição de Plantas Ciência e Tecnologia, NPCT

10:35 - 10:50
Nutrient use efficiency

Augusto Meneses, Vice President LatAm and Vice President of International Specialty Strategy, Verdesian Life Sciences

11:20 - 12:20
Panel discussion – Sustainability

  • Climate change and its impact on regional agriculture - How resilient are Latin American countries to emerging energy, food and fertilizer challenges? 
  • Reducing C02 emissions through the supply chain and increasing carbon sequestration in soil 
  • Assessing water efficiency and zero discharge goals 
  • Reducing C02 emissions in fertilizer production - The potential for blue and green ammonia

Nico Pinkowski, CEO, Nitricity
Miguel A. Taboada, Profesor Regular Titular Ded. parcial Edafología Facultad de Agronomía, UBA
Cassidy Million, Director Ag Science , Heliae® Agriculture

12:20 - 13:20
Panel discussion - Gas, blue & green ammonia and biofuels

  • Assessing the timeline for blue and green ammonia projects
  • Exploring the outlook for global gas markets
  • The Brazilian ethanol markets
  • Impact of decarbonisation on global energy prices
  • Examining the role of LNG in alleviating high prices in the short and medium terms

Thomas Monducci, Upstream Officer , International Finance Corporation
Claudio Nascimento, General Manager, CF Industries
Mauricio Medici, Licensing Manager/Area Sales Manager, Stamicarbon
Shruti Kashyap, Head of Nitrogen, CRU
José Firmo, CEO, Porto do Açu
Luiz Fustaino, Investor Relations Officer , Unigel

9:20 - 10:30
Panel discussion - Regional highlights

  • Exploring the outlook wheat, grain, corn, sugarcane, soya beans and other key crops
  • Assessing fertilizer affordability and consumption
  • Spotlight on Brazilian fertilizer – should fertilizer be regulated differently to other mineral commodities, in light of their strategic importance
  • Focusing on developments in the Argentinian market such as drives to increase potassium usage.
  • Examining regional policy developments and their implications for supply, demand and investments

María Fernanda Gonzalez Sanjuan, Gerente Ejecutivo, Fertilizar Asociación Civil
Enrique Hahn Villalba, CEO, Sustentap
Patricio Gutierrez, Regional Director Innovation, R&D, Dole Food Company
Mario Suffriti, Commercial Director, Profertil S.A.
Ramiro Samaniego Montiel, CEO & Founder, Organitec Fertilizantes SA

11:00 - 11:20
Nutrient budget in Brazilian Fertilizers

  • Removal of nutrients by crops
  • Historical trends for fertilizer use and crop productivity
  • P enrichment – the legacy of P

Jose Francisco da Cunha, Director, Tec Fertil Agroconsultoria e Negócios
Luís I. Prochnow, Diretor Geral, Nutrição de Plantas Ciência e Tecnologia, NPCT

11:20 - 12:20
Panel discussion - Brazilian Fertilizer policies and markets

Bruno Caligaris, Diretor de Projetos Estratégicos na Secretaria de Assuntos Estratégicos , Presidência da República
Carlos Vilhena, Partner, Pinheiro Neto Advogados

12:20 - 12:40
Examining the role of ESG in access to project and tradefinance

Kelly Johnson, Senior Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation

12:40 - 12:40
Brazilian logistics

  • Spotlight on developments in Brazilian logistics
  • What is the outlook for freight rates and vessel availability?
  • When will clean fuels such as green hydrogen, ammonia or methanol be available at scale?

John Sinden, Senior Partner, JSA Limited

9:20 - 9:40
Soft commodity market outlook

Bruno Fonseca, Senior Economic Analyst for the farm input market at Rabobank Brazil, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness

9:40 - 10:30
Keynote Panel discussion: Global fertilizer markets

  • Phosphate, nitrogen and potash fertilizer price expectations
  • Examining the outlook for Chinese, Middle Eastern and African phosphates exports
  • How are fertilizer trade flows realigning in light on the war in Ukraine?
  • Probing global fertilizer demand projections

Gordon McKenzie, President and CEO, Canpotex
Chaitanya Kosaraju, Sr Director, Global Ammonia and International Sales , Nutrien
Alexander Chumakov, COO, Fertilizers, Ameropa
Armelle Gruère, Fertilizer Demand Program Manager, IFA

11:00 - 13:30
Panel discussion - Focus on speciality fertilizers, bio stimulantsand digital farming

  • To what extent will the focus on sustainability contribute to the growth in speciality fertilizer and bio stimulant markets?
  • Addressing development in the region to improve nutrient use efficiency
  • The role of digital farming solution in improving fertilizer efficacy

Dr. Marcel Barbier, President & CEO, ABC Organics, LLC
Gustavo Branco, Managing Director, Haifa South America
Matías Ruffo, Director Agronomy Latin America & Southern Africa, Koch Agronomic Resources
Jonas Hipolito, Diretor de Estratégia e I&D , Biotrop
Fabio Vale, Senior Agronomist LATAM, ICL
Dr Douglas Guelfi, Professor, Universidade Federal de Lavras - Departamento de Ciência do Solo
Magda Bergmann, Pesquisadora em Geociências, CPRM