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The green ammonia opportunity in Chile

- Traditional and new applications for green ammonia in South America
- Enablers and obstacles to project development
Josie Armstrong, Principal Consultant, CRU

Chinese phosphate supply outlook

Isabel Chen, Analyst, Phosphates and Sulphur, CRU

Brazilian, Argentina and Paraguay - Grains, Soya bean and Corn outlook

  • Weather projections 
  • Logistics related challenges

Cleber Vieira, Commercial Director, Agroconsult

Gas market update



Stan Brownell, VP Business Development, Natural Gas and LNG, Argus

Urea plant optimisation

Mauricio Medici, Licensing Manager/Area Sales Manager, Stamicarbon

CRU Fertilizer Week Pricing and Forecasting Workshop

This workshop aims to discuss Fertilizer Week’s pricing and short-term price forecasting methodologies, key terms and compliance framework. The key areas the presentation will cover are:


  • CRU’s price analysis and coverage
  • Fertilizer Week’s price assessment specifications and key terms
  • CRU’s price compliance and governance framework
  • CRU’s market consultation process
  • Expected price assessment developments across fertilizers
  • Fertilizer Week’s Short Term Forecasting methodology
  • Q&A

Jennifer Willis-Jones, Senior Markets Editor, Nitrogen, CRU
Tom McIvor, Senior Markets Editor, Phosphates, CRU

Roundtable – Regional Fertilizer markets



Martin Torres Duggan, Senior Consultant, Tecnoagro and, Post-graduate Professor at the University of Buenos Aires
María Fernanda González Sanjuan, Executive Manager, FERTILIZAR
Mauricio Martinez, General Manager, Fosfatos de Caldera SpA

Green Ammonia



John Sinden, Senior Partner, JSA Limited

Micronutrient fertilization to close the yield gap in Las Pampas



Andres Grasso, Technical Coordinator, Fertilizar Asociación Civil

Advances in biostimulant innovations and their contribution to enhance crop productivity and mitigate abiotic and biotic stresses



Martín Díaz-Zorita, Crop Production Professor and Managing Partner, National University of La Pampa and DZD Agro S.R.L.

Overview of fertilization technology management at the Southern Cone of Latin America



Fernando O. Garcia, Private Consultant and free Professor, National University of Mar del Plata at Balcarce

Fertilizer selection and nutrient management under salt-affected soils



Raul S. Lavado, Consultant Professor, Chair Soil Fertility and Fertilizer, University of Buenos Aires

Phosphate rock for direct application in South America: conceptual and practical frameworks to maximize the agronomic effectiveness



Martin Torres Duggan, Senior Consultant, Tecnoagro and, Post-graduate Professor at the University of Buenos Aires

Recent evolution and trends in precise nutrient management in Brazil



Luciano Shiratsuchi, Associate Professor in Precision Agriculture, Louisiana State University

Role of prover crop nutrition in closing yield gaps in the pampas Region of Argentina

Juan Pablo Monzon, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Agronomy & Horticulture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Industry 4.0 - The fertilizer production sector and the benefits of digital technology

Juliano Rodrigues, Business Development Engineer, Asia-Pacific & South America, Bagtech International

A big data-based study to understand the patterns of fertilizer adoption



Juan Martin Brihet, Head of Research and Prospective; Good Agricultural Practices Network (GAP Network), Buenos Aires Grain Exchange

Latin American Water soluble fertilizer markets

Glen Kurokawa, Senior Analyst, Phosphates Fertilizer, CRU

Analysing the benefits of polysulphates

Alveiro Salamanca-Jiménez, Consultant in Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition, ASJ Agroservices - ICL LAM

Current and potential use of N stabilizers for major crops in Brazil

Heitor Cantarella, Soils and Environmental Research Center - Director, Agronomic Institute of Campinas (IAC)