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Adfert is specialized in solutions for the agrobusiness worldwide. We operate strongly throughout the fertilizer chain, supplying additives for several applications in granulation processes, fertilizer mixtures and granular fertilizer enrichment.

Bagtech International

Bagtech started its journey in the 80’s in African agribusiness industry, and nowadays with more than 35 years of expertise, the company is a market leader in supplying high-tech fertilizer machines, through Bagtech Automation System, in the African continent. We have reached over 120 successful projects delivered and more than 40 consulting and services offered across Africa and the World.
The company offers a wide range of products and solutions for bagging, blending, coating, screener, compact and mobile plants as per customer needs. All machines provide live & online monitoring system enabling to change settings accessible from anywhere on your laptop. Besides machines, the company offers handling fertilizer services from consultancy, warehouse management, stock control and full operation monitoring with reports. Our Service Division manages an average of 400.000 tons of fertilizers per year. We understand the importance of reliable equipment.
Bagtech has its own technical team to assist and support with machine maintenance for its customers.
We understand our customer needs, contact us for more information.

Bradley Pulveriser

Founded in 1886, Bradley Pulverizer designs, manufactures, and supplies air classifying and pulverizing systems for fine and semi-fine grinding of hard, friable, abrasive materials. Bradley pendulum roller mills are widely relied upon for uninterrupted heavy tonnage production of materials which meet the most demanding specifications for particle size distribution.
With a focus on size reduction and classification, Bradley equipment is ideal for many mineral processing applications, include grinding of limestone, phosphate rock, bentonite and limestone.

Doyle Equipment MFG

Since the 1950s, Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Co., a four generation family owned and operated company, has been providing quality equipment to the fertilizer industry. Today, the company is perhaps best known for its range of dry fertilizer bulk blending equipment. Including “Direct Drive” rotary blend systems in capacities of 5, 6, 8, 10, 13 and 16 tons, and vertical auger blend systems in capacities of 6, 8, 10, 13 and 16 tons. Additionally, Doyle in alliance with EMT Tech of Holland also provides high capacity continuous declining weight blenders and bagging systems for the Latin America market.

Feeco International, Inc.

As experts in the field of fertilizer granulation, FEECO has been providing feasibility testing, process and product design, and custom processing equipment for fertilizers since the company’s inception in1951. From traditional chemical fertilizer granulation techniques, to organic systems that turn wastes into premium fertilizer products, FEECO offers unparalleled capabilities in fertilizer processing.


We are Fertminas, Global Agro-Chemical company dedicated to improve and enhance agriculture, fertilizer industry and subsequently our environment through development of new technologies, improving the old ones and dedication to our customer service´´
Loss management, Antidusting, Anticaking, Granulation agents, Micronutrients, Personalized solutions, Added Value Coatings.

J&H Equipment

Established in 1975, J&H Equipment designs and manufactures machinery for the chemical fertilizer industry. J&H’s line of machinery includes vibrating screens, feeders, diverter valves, rotary valves, chain mill crushers, lump breakers, bucket elevators, recycle control systems and Spinden reactors.

Keystone Group OU

Keystone Group produces and supplies high-quality agrochemical fertilizers worldwide. We offer excellent products with the highest standard for different projects at the most competitive prices. Keystone is a leading supplier in Latin America and Africa of fertilizers produced in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. Our outstanding and humble team is always ready to meet your needs.

Lancaster Products

Lancaster Products is a solutions company dedicated to improving material mixing and processing. Lancaster Mixers excel in rapidly homogenizing, granulating, and pelletizing in a single machine with increased yields, uniform quality and improved mixing productivity. Our continuous batch processing system provides steady-state throughput with batch precision.


Nitricity is a startup that is electrifying the production of nitrogen fertilizer. Founded in 2018 by Stanford PhD and Postdoc students, the company is currently headquartered in San Francisco, California. Nitricity uses a plasma process that mimics lightning to make climate-smart nitrogen fertilizers from just air, water, and renewable electricity. This technology eliminates fossil fuels from the process, which significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of nitrogen fertilizer. Nitricity’s technology is positioned to help food and industrial value chains become more sustainable, efficient, and resilient.

PTP Group

PTP Group is a Port, Logistics and Warehouse Operator with over 15 years of experience, that helps connect supply and demand of the oceanic, fluvial and Mediterranean markets in the central region of South America.

Networked with offices and port facilities in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, PTP Group constantly develops its service portfolio to deliver top tier client-driven solutions, strengthening its position along the 1.500kms of the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway.


RECUPERAR SRL is a mining and metallurgical company which is oriented to agriculture.

We manufacture equipment for conventional granulation and micro granulation, having developed industrial processes to improve the traditional minerals efficiency.

We are the first factory of chemical mixtures, organo minerals and micro or nano fertilizers in Argentina, also the first mineral soil improvements granulator in Cordoba, Argentina.

We have our own minerals deposits of essential minerals for agriculture. We provide consulting and mining technology for other countries.