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If you are interested in supporting the forthcoming Fertilizer Latino Americano conference, then please contact: Kieran Proverbs

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IBRAM is a Brazilian private non-profit organization, with more than 130 associates responsible for 85% of Brazil´s mineral production. It carries with it the essence and strength of the true #BrazilianMining.

This mining is the one aligned with sustainability. Inductive of good ESG (environment, social responsibility and governance) practices in everything it does. Ethical and transparent in its relationships with people. Inclusive. Influential and partner in initiatives that promote socioeconomic development and quality of life for people in general.

Sustainable, responsible, closer to people and partner of the Country´s development – this is the true #BrazilianMining.


ANACOFER has established a cordial and ongoing communication with key industry bodies in Mexico, since they issue the policies governing agriculture or regulating the activity from any related field. Currently, members of ANACOFER, represents approximately 70% of national production and distribution fertilizers, including all actors in the supply chain, from producers all the way to retailers.

ANACOFER defined its main task to assist in the development of Mexican agriculture, and thus contribute to improving the conditions of life of all those who depend on this sector. Clearly, only a grand alliance of the sector, together with the authorities of our country, may help tackle major challenges and only a well-established partnership with committed partners, may influence responsibly in government agricultural development programs, projects and participate in training, that is the most essential tool to educate, not only in the proper use of fertilizers, but of all other inputs and the application of best farming practices to help improve results in every corner of our great country. “For Sustainable Development of Agriculture in Mexico”.


Abisolo, Brazilian Association of Plant Nutrition Technology Industries was founded in March 2003 with the purpose of representing and advocating the interests of industries that manufacture important inputs, which contribute to increase the Brazilian agricultural sustainability and productivity.

Since its foundation, it incisively participates in Ministries and Secretariats, Environmental Supervision and Control Bodies, Agronomic Research Bodies, State and Federal Revenues, in addition to various entities from the different segments of the organized civil society.

One of ABISOLO’s acting lines is to collaborate in the development of a compatible legislation associated with the state of development of Brazil, thus ensuring a sustainable agriculture.


Fertilizar is a non-profit civil association formed by different actors of the agricultural industry (companies, institutions, producers associations, universities, among others), whose objective is to raise awareness about the importance of rational fertilizer use and sustainability of the productive system and soil conservation. In order to achieve this objective, Fertilizar carries out a wide range of research and dissemination activities, among which are: scholarship financing and scientific and technical research, development of technological agreements, organization of dissemination meetings, publication of scientific and technical information on Theme, coordination of agreements with educational entities, among others.

The Brazilian Agribusiness Association (ABAG)

The Brazilian Agribusiness Association (ABAG) was created on March 10, 1993. ABAG's contribution, since then, has been to highlight with the government, private initiative, class entities and universities the importance of the management and management work of the entire agro-industrial system and the implementation of measures that strengthen it.

Abag aims to seek balance in agribusiness production chains, in order to value them, emphasizing their fundamental importance for the sustainable development of Brazil. The consequence of our efforts should be the Brazilian global leadership in the competitive offer of agro-industrial products.

To be the effective support entity for the links in the agribusiness production chains.

Integration – Innovation – Progress – Leadership – Protagonism.

Official Publications

CRU Fertilizer Week

Fertilizer Week brings together 200+ global fertilizer prices assessed weekly across all nutrients and major fertilizer products in a single service, based on a robust and transparent methodology, supported by analysis and market-moving news

Fertilizer International

A unique perspective on the global fertilizer industry Serving the industry for over 40 years, Fertilizer International provides a journal of record for the global fertilizer business. The magazine analyses developments in the world fertilizer industry worldwide, as well as assessing the wider economic and political factors that impact on agricultural and fertilizer markets. Fertilizer International’s editorial coverage includes regional, country and company profiles, interviews with industry leaders and reviews of trade, production, consumption, logistics and technology, plus overviews of agronomic issues. The Phosphates & Potash Insight section embraces the availability of resources, downstream production, commerce and the marketing of vital P and K nutrients. Regular assessments are made of the mining and beneficiation of phosphate rock, potash production technology and processes for the production of downstream phosphoric acid, phosphate and NPK fertilizers, with an emphasis on environmental stewardship, energy savings, the use, recycling or disposal of by-products, and the maximisation of production efficiencies.

Supporting Publications


AgriBrasilis is a news portal about agribusiness in Brazil and Latin America. We take our readers information directly from the source, independently. Main news, references and trends about agribusiness, connecting them to the scenarios of an important agricultural center of the world through articles, interviews, research and visits to professionals and institutions of the various sectors of agro.

Editora Gazeta

Editora Gazeta, specialized in the elaboration of agribusiness yearbooks and other publications aimed at this important economic segment. Published in Portuguese and English, abundantly illustrated with photographs from our own image bank and covering all links in the contemplated production chains, Editora Gazeta's yearbooks are today one of the main national and international references on agribusiness and the establishment of partnerships.

World Fertilizer

World Fertilizer Magazine covers the entire fertilizer industry, from mining and manufacture to blending and transportation around the world.