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FLA is always a great conference to attend where you able to meet all major players in the market and some local organizations that adds a lot to the content of the event.

Cleiton de Sequeira, Director of Business Development, Nitricity

Excellent event for networking

Sergio Luiz Victor, Vice President of Products and Customers, Morro Verde

Excellent event! Very organized with great business and networking opportunities.

Jairo Alves de Resende, Specialist buyer, Ubyfol S/A

FLA was the place to be for everybody who wants to be in the know within the Fertilizer Industry

Fernando Morey Sarmiento, Director, Global Solutions Ltd.

FLA is a great opportunity to meet the right people of the fertilizer market, all in one place


Excellent debates for an update on the fertilizer market and new products


All the right people from the fertilizer industry

Brian Clifford, CEO, PADCOM

I liked the professional environment and the different connections that we are able to make. It is a very important environment and information for business decision-making

Milton Salazar, Subgerente Comercial, Fedearroz

I think that FLA has been improving the presentations, which years ago used to be too technical but recently have assumed a more "commercial" profile.

Marcelo Mello, Head of fertilizer desk, StoneX

Important event which gathers the fertilizers experts in Latam to make the right networking to connect with the key players in the market.


It is a good space to see our customers and understand the market behavior

DAFNE BURGOS, Business manager, Innophos

It was a great event with many networking opportunities and knowledgement sharing.

André Luis Gomes da Silva, Project Engineer, NEOENERGIA S.A.

It was really important gathering and meet with a new interested customers.

Samir Gouda, Managing Director, Loading for mineral materials

It was very instructive to have access to news in the fertilizer chain, and to new optimization techniques in the use of fertilizers.

Magda Bergmann, Research in Geosciences, SGB-CPRM

It's a great idea to have the meeting in Rio.


Meet the whole fertilizer world in three days. Good discussions with decision makers. Fostering of existing contacts but also many new ideas and approaches.

André Leise, Head of Central Sourcing, COMPO EXPERT GmbH

Opportunity to get closer the market trends and realities.

Joel Salvador, Coordinador Desarrollo Nuevos Productos, Folgar

Quite interesting presentations. Mainly bringing the use of fertilizers into the new era of scarce resources, soil protection, nutrient use efficiency and how to best acompany all the players in this change.

Nicolas Lindemann, MD, AgrotechFocus

The best event to keep updated

Michael Redman, Director, Kairos Nutricion C.A.

The best meeting to know the state of fertilizers globally


The conference was very organized. Many participants with many possibilities of networking.

Lais, Comercial Manager, Adfert

The FLA 2023 proved to be a progressive event that connected me to many commercial and development opportunities across LATAM. I am looking forward to attending next year.

Gavin Diaz, Manager, Infrastructure Solutions, Denka Corporation

The FLA Conference provides and unique opportunity for networking with peer colleagues from the fertilizer industry and get an update of the most current market information and trends.

Pablo Pussetto, Commercial Manager, Bifox

Very good conference, but the venue was a bit small for the crowd. I wished there had been more presentations.

Armelle Gruere, , IFA

Very good conference, really helpful

Axel Calderon, Director, Mercoagro

Awesome event with incredible and professional attendees. Quite special opportunity to share and receive information about fertilizer industry in Latin America. 

Romeu Amaral Junior, Sales Consultant, Bastos Ind Com Ltda

Being able to obtain reliable information from the speakers, exhibitors and event participants, allows us to define the most appropriate short and medium term strategies.

Carlos Luengas, Technical Manager, CIAMSA

Excellent environment to meet business partners and network.

Daniel Seyfferth de Oliveira, Supply Chain Manager, Enaex

Very nice and very well organized.

Adriano Viana Espeschit, Presidente, Potássio do Brasil Ltda.

Very well attended conference

Rahul Mohan, Head-Exports, Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals

Well organized and business oriented. Will recommend this event for any participant engaged in the Fertilizer industry.

Christophe Calvez, Senior Relationship Manager, Garantibank BBVA

The FLA gathers all the key players in the Latin American fertilizer industry.

Odin Forde, Sales Manager, JM Fertilizer