Metals in the Future 2018 is a new conference exploring the long-term impact of green technology on metals supply and demand. The conference examines a broad spectrum of materials, including steel, aluminium, base metals, minor metals and ferroalloys.

Understanding materials flows and successfully predicting long-term demand has always been central to maintaining a leadership position in the metals and mining sector. However, as the world strives to meet climate change targets, the complexity of accurately forecasting future resource requirements is increased, in large part due to the challenge of successfully predicting which green technologies will prove most successful.  The stakes are also raised financially by the green economy’s step up in metals intensity and the increased costs associated with bringing new projects to market, especially when there is disagreement on the long run price of the commodity in question. 

The growth in the green economy is being matched by a relentless tide of disruptive innovation brought about by the increasingly networked way in which we live our lives, and the data that is produced as a consequence. Whilst also interesting from a materials perspective, perhaps the greatest opportunity for metals and mining lies in what this means for efficiency, for greater interdependence between energy companies, miners, metals producers and consumers, and for how materials are produced, transported, stocked, consumed, monitored and brought back into the loop at the end of life.

Metals in the Future 2018 is a pioneering conference which will deliver significant insight into unfolding metals market scenarios. With its expertise in over 120 ore, metals and alloys markets, and a deep understanding of developed and developing markets alike, CRU is uniquely positioned to deliver this pivotal conference.




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