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This information centre is the ideal place to keep up-to-date with key industry news. We will be posting exclusive press releases, white papers and articles about the event and the wider industry. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer back regularly to ensure you do not miss out on invaluable content.

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CRU Insights

Electric vehicles to transform aluminium demand
Eoin Dinsmore, Principal Consultant, CRU

EVs could have long-term implications for copper supply as well as demand
Robert Edwards, Managing Consultant, CRU

Does “range anxiety” matter for Copper demand?
Analysing the impact of electric vehicles infrastructure build out

Ben Jones, Principal Consultant, CRU

Watch: Rebecca Gordon on technology metals
Rebecca Gordon, Head of Technology Metals and Energy, Consulting, CRU

Can ride hailing with electric vehicles solve future Chinese car congestion?
Lavan Mahadeva, Research Director, CRU

New Energy Vehicles in India
Mahesh Goenka, Consultant, CRU

Made in China 2025
John Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, CRU China

Cobalt shifts from metal to chemical market
George Heppel, Consultant, CRU

Is solar power cheaper than coal?
Adam Parums, Senior Consultant, CRU