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V, U and L: Demystifying recession shapes
AUTHOR: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist, CRU Group
07 May 2020

CRU Webinar: Focusing on steel, aluminium, and fertilizers
How is the lock down affecting the Indian fertilizers and metals industry. Watch our latest webinar.
SPEAKERS: Anissa Chabib, Economist; Koyel Choudhury, Fertilizer Analyst; Puneet Paliwal, Senior Analyst; Shankhadeep Mukherjee, Senior Analyst: CRU
29 April 2020

China’s first ever negative quarterly GDP growth
AUTHOR: Yingrui Wang, Economist, CRU
20 April 2020

Global pandemic triggers global recession - Implications for CRU’s global macro and commodity outlook
SPEAKERS: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist; Josh Spoores, Principal Analyst; Doug Hilderhoff, Principal Analyst - CRU
02 April 2020

Watch: Market Roundup - The impact of the coronavirus on fertilizer markets
SPEAKERS: Chris Lawson, Research Manager, Fertilizers; Gavin Ju, Principal Analyst; Isabel Chen, Analyst; CRU
20 February 2020

Octane destruction in FCC gasoline posttreaters
In the coming year, many North American refineries will begin increasing severity on gasoline posttreaters to make Tier 3 ultra-low sulfur gasoline.
March 2020
Put Us In Coach – We Have the Experience to Increase B/CD by 10%
By more effectively engaging front line employees, 20 months of continuous improvement increased B/CD in one refinery by 14%, from 68,000 B/CD to 78,500 B/CD. 
March 2020

IMO 2020 – lower sulphur means higher freight rates
Ross Cunningham, Senior Cost Economist, CRU
27 January 2020

How IMO 2020 will impact sulphur supply
Peter Harrisson, Head of Sulphur team, CRU Group
26 July 2019 

Phosphate bears, potash caution and urea the standout performer
International Fertilizer Association Conference: Montreal, Canada

Laura Cross, Head of Nitrogen Analysis, CRU Group
27 June 2019

Modi's second term signals stability for India
Ippolito Tarabini, Economic Analyst, CRU Group
29 May 2019

What does vertical integration in the fertilizer value chain mean for producers' strategies?
CRU Group
23 January 2019

Evaluation of a sulphuric acid marketing strategy
Daniel Schnelbech, Consultant, CRU Group
14 December 2018