CRU has a long track record in organising conferences that fulfil industry needs. The stainless steel scrap industry has a great growth story but does not have a dedicated event of its own, and is relatively fragmented. Three factors that, when taken in conjunction, lead us to believe the stainless steel scrap industry could greatly benefit from a business-centred networking event of its own. 

Feedback from delegates at our other conferences have led us to conclude that the networking provided at our events creates new business and allows more business to be done in a shorter period of time. Meaning less time on the road and more business opportunities.

The inaugural Stainless Steel Scrap Conference & Award Gala is an inexpensive, one-day event located in Chicago, with plenty of time allocated for networking during the extended breakfast, lunch and evening reception. The event will target consumers and processors in the stainless steel industry from the US, Europe, India and East Asia. We invite you to support us in this endeavour and look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

We are pleased to announce CRU’s Inaugural Stainless Steel Scrap Conference & Award Gala dinner to announce the Stainless Steel Scrap Executive of the Year.  The award ceremony is designed to highlight excellence and innovation within the stainless steel scrap industry. Once registered, all delegates will be invited to make a nomination. Voting closes on Friday 22nd September. View the Award Gala page for more information.


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