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09:10 - 10:30
Keynote Session – Sustainability and technical innovation

Patrice L’Huillier, President & CEO, Alouette
Ron Knapp, Adviser, Office of the Chairman, China Hongqiao Group Limited
Tim Murray, CEO, Cardinal Virtues Consulting

13:30 - 14:30
Downstream aluminium market – driving sustainability

  • Focus on key opportunities in the automotive sector, such as electrification, shared and connected vehicles and light weighting 
  • What are the key opportunities for aluminium in light of the backlash against plastic

Doug Hilderhoff, Head of North America Aluminum, CRU
Emilio Braghi, President, Novelis Europe
Rob van Gils, CEO & Managing Partner, Hammerer Aluminium Industries

14:30 - 14:50
Sustainable aluminium: an essential material for the circular economy

  • Global growth drivers for sustainable aluminium
  • Technology & Innovation as enablers for a lower carbon supply chain
  • Case study examples to highlight industrial strategy
  • Strategic support tools and future developments

Dr Mike Clinch, Senior Consultant and Materials Development Group Leader, Innoval Technology

14:50 - 15:10
Aluminium use in EVs: Battle for the battery box

  • EV share of automotive market will rise to 25% by 2030. 
  • Steel, castings and extrusions will battle to be the preferred material for the battery housings, as premium brands favour performance over cost. 
  • Aluminium scrap demand could be set for an endless winter as new cast applications may increasingly use primary foundry alloy.

James Wren, Analyst, CRU

16:00 - 18:00
Workshop - Sustainability in the aluminium industry

  • Carbon intensity of primary aluminium smelting
  • Pre and Post consumer scrap demand, supply and trade
  • Recycling and carbon intensity in aluminium value added products
  • How are companies adapting to the push for sustainable aluminium?
  • What are the major risks facing aluminium companies; CO2 emissions, future value of coal fired aluminium smelters, a demand bonanza?

09:00 - 09:25
Fireside chat

Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, EN+ Group

09:25 - 10:25
Panel discussions: Emissions, Recycling and Stewardship

  • The outlook for the European recycling industry 
  • How will the Chinese recycling sector evolve over the decade and what impact will policy decisions enact?
  • EU ETS phase 4 implications for the sector
  • Green borders and low carbon differentiation

Will Savage, Business Development Director, Liberty Aluminium
Murat Bayram, Director & Head of European Non-Ferrous, EMR European Metal Recycling
Jean Simard, President and CEO, Aluminium Association of Canada
Marieke van der Mijn, Director of Impacts and Partnerships, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative
Emanuele Manigrassi, Manager EU Public Affairs, European Aluminium Association

10:55 - 11:15
The road to zero – CO2 abatement in primary aluminium

Antti Koulumies, Vice President - Aluminium Business Line, Metals, Energy and Water, Outotec

11:15 - 12:15
Panel discussion - raw materials

  • Guinea’s refining aspirations
  • Potential for Laos-Vietnam supply
  • Coal tar pitch supply-demand balance in Europe, NA and SA
  • Indonesian embargo
  • Future of API pricing

Dr Argimiro Viado, Consultant,
Duncan Hobbs, Research Director, Concord Resources Limited
Tristan Clarke, Commercial Director, Alufer Mining Limited

12:15 - 13:15
Panel discussion - Price and market outlook

  • Comparing and contrasting LME and SHFE dynamics - do they really matter in terms of driving trade flows in/out China?
  • How the market price clears the uncertainty around Section 232
  • Do exchange traded premium markets have any real traction?
  • The potential for scrap trading on exchange in standard grades
  • Prices and premiums outlook

Zaid Aljanabi, Head of Aluminium, Consulting, CRU
Doug Hilderhoff, Head of North America Aluminum, CRU
Eoin Dinsmore, Head of Primary & Products, Aluminium, CRU
Alex Shaw, Head of Product Development, LME
Gregory Wittbecker, Senior Analyst, CRU
Jamie Barrow, Senior Research Analyst, IXM