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09:05 - 10:55 BST
Keynote session - Advancing sustainable aluminium in primary, rolled and extruded product markets

  • Exploring aluminium's contribution to net-zero
  • Delivering Low Energy Intensity Aluminium to the Market
  • CRU's primary market outlook

Emilio Braghi, Executive Vice President & President, Novelis Europe
John Slaven, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Alcoa
Paul Warton, Executive Vice President, Hydro Extrusions
Paul Williams, Head of Aluminium, CRU
Tolga Egrilmezer, Head of Sales & Marketing, Rio Tinto
Hisham Alkooheji, Director Marketing MEA-Asia, Aluminium Bahrain BSC
Kelly Driscoll, Managing Consultant, Aluminium, CRU

11:25 - 12:45 BST
Session 1 - Demand and sustainability outlook

  • Forging collaborative relationships through the supply chain
  • Alternative energy- Outlook for growth in solar and wind as a drivers of aluminum
  • Automotive demand- Key wins for for extrusions, rolled and foil products in EVs
  • Closing the loop for aluminium beverage cans – why we need can-to-can recycling
  • Construction- in what timeframe does sustainability become a differentiator
  • Competing Material threats updates in copper and steel

Claudia Bierth, European Public Affairs & Sustainability Manager, Ball Beverage Packaging EMEA
Nathalie Bacca, Corporate NFM Purchasing Manager Copper and Aluminum Rod, Nexans
Raphael Thevenin, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products, Constellium
Rob van Gils, CEO & Managing Partner, Hammerer Aluminium Industries
Paul Williams, Head of Aluminium, CRU

14:00 - 15:15 BST
Session 2 - Trade and geo-political risks

  • What is the outlook for section 232?
  • What role will CBAM play in practice?
  • What are the key geopolitical risks to the forecast?

Virginia Gum Hamisevicz, Vice President, Government Relations & International Programs, The Aluminum Association
Emanuele Manigrassi, Manager EU Public Affairs, European Aluminium Association
Laurent Ruessmann, Partner, Fieldfisher
Zaid Aljanabi, Head of Aluminium, Consulting, CRU

15:45 - 16:10 BST
Session 3 - Smelter decarbonisation

  •  Reviewing the cost and benefits of key decarbonisation technologies and initiatives 

Tim Murray, CEO, Cardinal Virtues Consulting
Lais Santos, Senior Analyst, CRU

09:00 - 09:40 BST
Session 6: Sustainability and Certification

Miles Prosser, Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute (IAI)
Chris Bayliss, Director of Standards, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative
Joseph Cherrez, Senior Analyst, CRU

09:40 - 10:00 BST
Session 7: Global economic outlook

  • Exploring the ramifications of the war in Ukraine
  • Focus on the Chinese construction sector
  • Growth and currency outlook in US and Eurozone
  • Inflation and interest rate outlook

Alex Tuckett, Head of Economics, CRU
Joseph Cherrez, Senior Analyst, CRU

10:00 - 10:20 BST
Session 8 - Green Stability in a Volatile World

  • Volatility in European power markets
  • The Icelandic power market
  • Iceland's unique renewable energy position

Dagný Ósk Ragnarsdóttir, Director of Business Analysis and Market Development, Landsvirkjun
Joseph Cherrez, Senior Analyst, CRU

11:10 - 13:00 BST
Session 9 - Prices and premiums outlook

  • Exploring the ramifications of the war in Ukraine to on trade flows and low carbon material availability
  • How large is the 2022 deficit expected to be? When will a cyclical turning point be reached?
  • To what extent will restarts in China impact primary imports?
  • To what extent will low inventories create price and premium volatility?
  • Prices and premiums - forecasts

Aline Carnizelo, Portfolio Manager., Pala
Colin Hamilton, Managing Director, Commodities Research, BMO Capital Markets
Duncan Hobbs, Research Director, Concord Resources Limited
Xiao Fu, Head of Commodity Markets Strategy, BOCI Global Commodities
Nicholas Snowdon, Metals Strategist, Goldman Sachs
Max Layton, Managing Director, Commodities Research, Citi Global Markets
Paul Williams, Head of Aluminium, CRU

14:15 - 15:45 BST
Session 10 - Raw Materials

  • What does it take for a bauxite mine in Guinea to be successful?
  •  What does the future of the Guinea bauxite industry look like after the military coup in 2021?
  • The role of the volatile ocean freight market
  • Is alumina facing a structural surplus or are supply risks on the horizon?

  • Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development, Alumina Ltd
    Bart Van Gils, Managing Partner, The Agency
    Rolf Prack, Director Sales and Strategic Procurement, PCC BakkiSilicon hf
    Lais Santos, Senior Analyst, CRU
    Anthony Everiss, Senior Consultant, CRU