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09:05 - 09:25 BST
Key themes in global economics

  • Is big government back?
  • Inflationary pressures – good or bad for commodities?
  • USD and Euro currency outlooks
  • Paying for COVID - what to expect from the US infrastructure and other post -Covid stimulus measures

09:25 - 09:45 BST
Keynote presentation - Rio Tinto

Tolga Egrilmezer, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Rio Tinto

09:45 - 11:00 BST
Reflecting the value of ESG performance, emissions reductions and certification

  • Examining the cost implication of scope 1,2 and 3 emissions
  • Transparency in emissions reporting - delivering a competitive edge? 
  • Exploring the key regulatory, market and investor related drivers of certification schemes and standards
  • Challenges and opportunities to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the aluminum industry

Torbjörn Sternsjo, President Europe, Gränges
Martin Jackson, Senior Analyst, CRU
Miles Prosser, Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute (IAI)
Chris Bayliss, Director of Standards, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

11:00 - 12:00 BST
Recycled aluminium as a key enabler of decarbonisation

  • Detailing the impact of recycling related investments in Europe
  • Exploring the reality of the impact of Chinese scrap import policy and the state of development of its own recycling industry

Emilio Braghi, President, Novelis Europe
Tom Giddings, Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager, Alupro

13:00 - 14:00 BST
Technology – A key enabler of good ESG

  • Hybrid smelter
  • Inert anodes

Cedric Schmuck, Deputy CEO, REEL International

14:00 - 15:00 BST
Environment and trade

  • The carbon border adjustment mechanism and market implications
  • How does Carbon borders impact prices and can the cost the price be passed on the consumers?
  • WTO environmental trade laws
  • Examining the impact on rolled products import restriction in Europe and the USA
  • To what extent will access to key materials such as copper and aluminium emerge as a theme during the green economic transition?

Alan Price, Partner, Wiley Rein
Laurent Ruessmann, Partner, Fieldfisher

15:30 - 17:00 BST
Global production trends - Changes in Chinese policy are a permanent shock to the aluminium market

  • Are high carbon smelter finished – will you get the finance to build one anywhere in the world?
  • To what extent is China’s output permanently reduced? Is Inner Mongolia and outlier or will other provinces follow suit?
  • If China is not building who is?
  • What are the key production risks in the world ex-China?

Xiao Fu, Head of Commodity Markets Strategy, BOCI Global Commodities
Lynn Zhao, China Commodity Strategist, Macquarie
Gregory Wittbecker, Senior Analyst, CRU

09:00 - 09:20 BST
Aluminium market outlook

Inga Simonenko, Head of Market Intelligence, RUSAL Marketing GmbH

09:20 - 10:30 BST
Global demand trends – By how much will demand increase in 2021 and how does that compare to pre-pandemic levels?

  • Booming can markets - exploring the outlook in the packaging and can stock markets
  • Quantifying EV and renewable energy demand forecasts – By how much will it increase aluminium demand
  • To what extent has the automotive industry recovered from the semi-conductor shortage and what is the outlook for ABS
  • Exploring the outlook in ingot and VAP markets. – premiums are a super high, what are the risks associated with surging premiums

Abey Abraham, Managing Director, Ducker
Paul Williams, Head of Aluminium, CRU
Wan Ling, Assistant Chief Representative China Office, CRU

11:00 - 12:30 BST
Price forecast roundup – Will global aluminium markets be in surplus of deficit at the end of 2021?

  • Primary aluminium consumption continues to beat expectations – how might headwinds such as high SHFE price and less supportive fiscal policy influence demand in China?
  • With record or near record prices in a number of base metals – what is the likely impact that investors will have in the aluminium market?
  • What is the outlook for Midwest, Rotterdam and Japanese premiums?
  • Expectation for Chinese arbitrage opportunities through 2021
  • To what extent can China influence inflationary commodity price cycles?

Duncan Hobbs, Research Director, Concord Resources Limited
Eoin Dinsmore, Head of Primary & Products, Aluminium, CRU
Nicholas Snowdon, Metals Strategist, Goldman Sachs
Marcel Dietsch, Head of Quantamental Analytics, Marex Spectron

13:00 - 14:00 BST
Bauxite, alumina and other raw materials - understanding C02 through the supply chain

  • Exploring the outlook for bauxite and alumina supply and demand
  • Focus on Asian refining and Guinea’s bauxite supply
  • Focus on Indonesian bauxite options
  • The outlook for coal tar pitch and anodes
  • Silicon metal

Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development, Alumina Ltd
Rolf Prack, Director Sales and Strategic Procurement, PCC BakkiSilicon hf
Justin Hughes, Principal Analyst, CRU

14:00 - 14:30 BST
Focus on bulk and container markets

Derek Langston, Head of Research, Simpson Spence Young (SSY)