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10:10 - 10:25 EST
Vignette: From COVID to decarbonization – Aluminum’s future direction in the midst of unprecedented global changes

This opening vignette will analyze China’s new role and the end of global surplus, the costs and benefits of decarbonization trough the supply chain, trade actions and appraise how the emerging inflationary environment will impact aluminum

10:25 - 10:55 EST
Panel discussion: Global Perspectives: Is global cooperation in trade still possible?

  • How will trade differences be resolved to promote multi-lateral trade in aluminum
  • The OECD continues to point to industrial subsidies within many countries, how will the playing field be leveled
  • How will de-carbonization be integrated into trade agreements

11:10 - 11:45 EST
Panel discussion: Primary Aluminium Supply-Demand: Is the era of China systemic surplus over?

  • Is the era of Chinese export surplus over?
  • China primary production cap and growing rotation of investment from primary to recycling
  • China’s introspective view on future growth driven by domestic consumption & not exports
  • Scarcity of supply in the World outside China, the surplus of the GFC is gone
  • Outlook for LME and SHFE futures prices as an incentive price for restarts and greenfield investment must rise to reflect Western World capex costs NOT China
  • Outlook for physical premiums given influences of Section 232 and carbon taxation

Ed Meir, Director, Commodity Research Group

12:55 - 13:15 EST
Panel discussion: Recycled Aluminum: Rising importance in a carbon-constrained world

  • Expanding investments in the recycling industry
  • Challenges facing secondary processors with demise of ICE
  • Absorbing the growing supply of ABS and Class scraps
  • Potential for UBC deposit and game-changing effect
  • Substitution effect of recycling for primary in decarbonization

Senior representative, , David J Joseph Company

13:30 - 14:15 EST
Panel discussion - Demand Growth Opportunities: Multiple paths to high growth in this era of fast changing markets

  • Alternative energy- Outlook for growth in solar and wind as a drive of aluminum
  • Automotive demand- transition from ICE to EV
  • Can demand- is the surge in aluminum can demand sustainable
  • Construction- when does sustainability permeate basic construction demand choice?
  • Competing Material threats-is there a real concern over material substitution?

Buddy Stemple, CEO, Constellium
Henry Gordinier, CEO, Tri-Arrows Aluminum
Charlie Murrah, Executive Vice President, Metals, Southwire Company

14:30 - 14:45 EST
Supply Chain: Global supply chains under stress, temporary or paradigm shift

  • How long with the global container dislocation effect continue?
  • Are domestic truck costs permanently shifting higher due to driver shortages and will autonomous trucks be the answer?
  • Are U.S. ports capable of coping with the offshore dependency of our supply chains
  • Will Mexico be the first beneficiary of “on-shoring “to North America versus domestic investment

15:00 - 15:35 EST
Panel discussion : Decarbonization: Changing material choices in a carbon-constrained world

  • How carbon costs radically change the cost curve
  • Could shift trade flow into EU and other markets with carbon border adjustment mechanisms; how the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism works, and could it spread to other jurisdictions?
  • Does this kill China’s ability to compete into those markets?
  • Debate over low carbon versus high premium pricing
  • How financing will drive decarbonization
  • Recycled content’s role in reducing the carbon intensity of semi-fabricated and cast products