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9:10 AM - 10:30 AM
Decarbonisation strategies - how key producers are adapting their business’ to contribute to meeting global climate goals

  • Outlining company targets 
  • Strategies for meeting targets
  • Challenges and opportunities - R&D, capital, grids, access to energy and scrap

11:00 AM - 12:30 AM
Outlook, prices & premiums – debating the outlook for primary aluminium, semis and downstream products

  • Global macro and energy crisis - impact on demand
  • Outlook for semi-finished, rolled and extruded product growth
  • Electric vehicles and demand
  • Smelting capacity review and outlook
  • What is the outlook for the market balance in the short to medium term?
  • LME prices through 2023

14:00 AM - 15:30 AM
GHG data and disclosure – market implications of sustainability on aluminium

  • Carbon pricing and CRU’s Emissions Analysis Tool
  •   Green premia
  • Pathways and emissions - the difficulty of verification and data
  • The scope 3 challenge

16:00 AM - 17:00 AM
Sustainable investment – Contributing to a 1.5 degree target will require significant investment. What will lenders be looking for?

  • Accounting principles
  • Portfolio orientated metrics
  • Sector specific and sector agnostic indicators
  • Beyond GHGs

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Investments and expansion – exploring key developments in aluminium production capacity through the supply chain

  • Indonesia’s pursuit of value-added investment
  • Focus on US downstream investments
  • Expansions in MENA
  • Chinese overseas investment strategy

13:30 AM - 14:30 AM
Trade and Competitiveness – examining the impact of key policies such as the European Green Deal

  • CBAM and Carbon Taxation - The transformative effect of the green transition on international trade
  • Emissions trading schemes
  • Climate clubs

14:30 AM - 15:30 AM
Recycling - Decarbonization and attractive scrap discounts are driving demand and investment

  • Supply – Will the Up-grading of twitch to mill-grade segregated alloy fill the “new scrap gap” and to what extent will new production scrap supply grow?
  • Demand – What is the prognosis for deposit bills and to what extent will new rolling mill investments create a supply deficit in their absence?
  • Market structure – focus on strategic alliances between mills and scrap dealers
  • The outlook for global scrap trade flows

16:00 AM - 17:00 AM
Bauxite and alumina – This session will focus on the supply and demand for bauxite and alumina and will include a deep dive into the Guinean mining sector

  • Following 2022 lows in alumina prices at the end of last year – what can we expect for 2023?
  • The impact of new alumina projects on the structural surplus - What upside and downside impact will mitigating factors such as costs, demand and seasonal effects have?
  • Bauxite prices hit 14 year highs in 2022 – How will prices trend in this year?
  • Spotlight on Bauxite mining in Guinea - Opportunities and threats
  • Resource nationalism, ESG, ocean freight, ore quality, costs, reserves & investments, government

9:30 AM - 12:30 AM
Stream 1 , Stream 2

GHG accounting methodologies – This workshop will provide a deep dive into the various methodologies and pathway initiatives in the aluminium, financial and downstream sectors and will include discussion of RMI, CCAF, MPP, IAI and Horizon Zero

Due diligence and responsible sourcing – This workshop will focus OECD Due Dilligence guidance and LME Responsible sourcing