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International Aluminium Institute (IAI)

Established in 1972, the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) is the only body representing the global primary aluminium industry.

Through the IAI, the aluminium industry aims to promote a better understanding of its activities and demonstrate its responsibility in producing the metal and benefits through its use in sustainable applications and recycling.

IAI member companies are engaged in the production of bauxite, alumina, aluminium, the recycling of aluminium, or fabrication of aluminium or as joint venture partners in such. The Institute also works closely with national and regional aluminium associations with whom it shares many members.Find out more about the IAI here: international-aluminium.org

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI)

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global, multi-stakeholder, non-profit standards setting and certification organisation. It works towards responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium following an entire value chain approach. To this end, ASI launched its Certification program for the Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard in December 2017, and after a three-year revision process, published new versions of the Standards in May 2022.

ASI’s four priority sustainability issues focus its contribution to driving change in the aluminium value chain to 2030:  climate change, circularity, nature positive and human rights.  These high-level priority challenges for our global future are inter-connected and must be tackled together to support effective and just transitions that minimise unintended consequences and maximise positive impact. The ASI is a global, multi-stakeholder, non-profit standards setting and certification organisation. It works toward responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium following an entire value chain approach. To this end, ASI launched its new certification program covering a Performance Standard and a Chain of Custody Standard in December 2017.

ASI’s 60 members include leading civil society organisations, companies with activities in bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting, semi-fabrication, product and component manufacturing, as well as consumer and commercial goods, including the automotive industry, construction and packaging, as well as industry associations and other supporters.

Ratings Partner

Fitch Ratings

Dedicated to providing value beyond the rating, Fitch Ratings is a leading provider of credit ratings, commentary, and research. Fitch Group is a global leader in financial information services and is comprised of: Fitch Ratings, Fitch Solutions, and Fitch Learning. With dual headquarters in London and New York, Fitch Group is owned by Hearst.In 2017, Fitch Ratings and CRU Group announced a strategic agreement to incorporate CRU’s expertise in the Metals and Mining sectors into Fitch’s industry research and credit analysis.

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The Arab International Aluminium Conference and Exhibition (ARABAL) is the premium platform for the aluminium industry in the Arab world. It is hosted on rotation basis by the primary aluminium manufacturers in the region.

Egyptalum is the proud host of the 24th edition of ARABAL scheduled to take place in Cairo, Egypt from 29th November to 1st December 2022.

Since its inauguration in Kuwait in 1983, ARABAL has become an event of international repute, bringing together industry leaders from around the world to discuss current issues in the aluminium sector whilst also exploring investment opportunities in the region.

The 2022 event takes place in Cairo, Egypt and will comprise a strategic conference focusing on the current industry prospects and challenges, an international exhibition, workshops and networking events

Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI)

The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) is the national trade association of the metal can manufacturing industry and its suppliers in the United States and is committed to fostering the prosperity of the industry by promoting the metal can and communicating its many benefits.CMI actively participates in the exchange of ideas influencing legislative, regulatory and administrative policies affecting the industry on the national and state level. CMI engages in initiatives to solidify the can as the superior sustainable package. CMI members are committed to providing safe, nutritious and refreshing canned food and beverages to consumers in the most sustainable packaging.

The Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC)

The Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC) represents the Canadian primary aluminium industry towards the population, public authorities, current and future aluminium users, and key environmental and economic stakeholders. The AAC strives to ensure that the Canadian primary aluminium industry is considered a world-class model of sustainable prosperity. Our industry support more than 8,800 jobs in Canada generating CDN$7.3 billion in exports. For more information, visit www.aluminium.ca or Twitter @AAC_aluminium.  


Women4Metals is a pioneering grassroots initiative that was launched in 2019 by employees of Aurubis (a recycling, smelting, refining & fabricating company of copper and other metals). Its primary objective is to enhance the representation of women in the metals industry and ensure equal opportunities for individuals of all genders. The initiative meanwhile operates across the industry, establishing a network that aims to increase visibility and provide support for women in production, specialist and leadership roles. By promoting an inclusive corporate culture, Women4Metals is actively driving positive change in the metals industry through collaboration with and support by companies, associations, and individuals.

Aluminium Insider

Aluminium Insider is an independent news site dedicated to covering noteworthy and timely news, features and events on the global aluminium industry. Our online portal focuses on the initial and mid-process stages of the aluminium supply chain, while also seeking to remain accessible to consumers. We aim to be one of the top and most trusted sources of information on the aluminium sector, and attract a wide range of industry stakeholders – producers, industry analysts, R&D organizations, managers, journalists etc. – to read, share and contribute their expertise. 


In last few years, Aluminium Extrusion Industry is growing quite rapidly. If the growth rate is to be maintained the extrusion industry needs to remain competitive; improve productivity, improve quality, reduce costs.

To achieve this, upgradation of plant & equipment, technology development, enhancement of knowledge, innovations and training of manpower are critical and essential factors. One needs to remain in touch with latest developments in extrusion field globally. A few years back, a small group of enthusiastic and dedicated people from industry, defence establishment and R&D organisations came together to form ALEX - Forum for Aluminium Extrusion and Related Industries. Today, it is a registered Association "Aluminium Extruders’ Council (ALEX)".


The Aluminium Federation (ALFED) is the trade association representing the complete spectrum of the UK aluminium industry: primary producers, re-melters; extruders; rollers; forgers; finishers and stockists. ALFED also has member companies from industrial sectors that use aluminium, including pressworkers; fabricators, automotive, aerospace, marine, packaging and construction.

The Aluminium Federation boasts an active lobbying arm, highlighting the benefits of using aluminium, recycling, sustainability, as well as the sector’s contribution to the UK economy. ALFED manages the Aluminium Industry All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), and also works with aluminium partners at the EU and wider international level.

Aluminium International today

Aluminium International Today is dedicated to all sectors of the international aluminium manufacturing and processing industry. It contains a digest of global news, events, and statistics, as well as detailed technical articles, company and country profiles, conference reports and regional economic briefings.

The journal has evolved since its formation in 1989. It has embraced the digital age and publishes news regularly on its website. It also publishes a free weekly newsletter sent to more than 20,000 industry professionals. Aluminium International Today can be found discussing the latest industry news and views on social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.


ALUMINIUM 2024, the world's leading trade fair and B2B platform covering the aluminum industry and all major application areas, brings together aluminum producers, semi-finished, finished and surface treatment suppliers for the 14th time between 8-10 October 2024 in Düsseldorf - Germany. The world's largest aluminum industry meeting held every two years.

Japan Aluminium Association

Japan Aluminium Association(JAA)was founded in 1947. Around 140 aluminium related companies join in JAA. Their business fields are from aluminium fabrication, aluminium alloy refining and trading etc.

JAA plays very important role for Japanese aluminium industry such as in public relation, environment, safety&health, statistic, research& development and so on.

At present, JAA draws ‘the aluminium technology strategy road map’ and tries to expand aluminium demand in various fields through cooperation with aluminium user companies and academia.

The Aluminum Association

The Aluminum Association represents U.S. and foreign-based companies and their suppliers throughout the value chain, from primary production to value added products to recycling. The Association is the industry’s leading voice, providing global standards, business intelligence, sustainability research and industry expertise to member companies, policymakers and the general public. The aluminum industry helps manufacturers produce sustainable and innovative products, including more fuel efficient vehicles, recyclable packaging, greener buildings and modern electronics. In the U.S., the aluminum industry creates $186 billion in economic activity. For more information visit www.Aluminum.org, on Twitter @AluminumNews or at Facebook.com/AluminumAssociation.

European Aluminium

European Aluminium, founded in 1981 and based in Brussels, is the voice of the aluminium industry in Europe. We actively engage with decision makers and the wider stakeholder community to promote the outstanding properties of aluminium, secure growth and optimise the contribution our metal can make to meeting Europe’s sustainability challenges. Through environmental and technical expertise, economic and statistical analysis, scientific research, education and sharing of best practices, public affairs and communication activities, European Aluminium promotes the use of aluminium as a material with permanent properties that is part of the solution to achieving sustainable goals, while maintaining and improving the image of the industry, of the material and of its applications among their stakeholders. Our 80+ members include primary aluminium producers; downstream manufacturers of extruded, rolled and cast aluminium; producers of recycled aluminium and national aluminium associations are representing more than 600 plants in 30 European countries. Aluminium products are used in a wide range of markets, including automotive, transport, high-tech engineering, building, construction and packaging.

Gulf Aluminium Council

The GAC is a coordinating body that represents, promotes and protects the interests of the aluminium industry within the Gulf. The council’s main objectives are to provide a forum to develop strategies for common issues and concerns facing the aluminium industry in the region, and to share best practices so as to improve the efficiency of the industry.


Turkish Aluminium Industrialists Association (TALSAD)As the leading representative of the Turkish aluminium industry, TALSAD works for sustainable growth and development of the aluminium industry in local and regional markets, development and implementation of new and advanced technologies, implementation of good practices in health, safety and environment and works to develop strong local and international partnerships.Turkish aluminium industry has been spread over a wide range of segments and industrial sectors including extrusion, rolling, casting, billet and ingot production, architectural and industrial applications including primary aluminium production. Turkish aluminium industry has achieved sustainable high growth rate over the last decade and therefore has strengthen its place in the world markets.

The Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA)

The Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA) is the voice of and gateway to, the South African Aluminium industry - involved in increasing the awareness and use of aluminium in Southern Africa since 1981.

AFSA offers its Members a wide variety of services, such as technical information and advice, education, skills upgrading and market industry and business development support. It also engages with various stakeholders from government, the private sector and research institutions, ensuring that the challenges faced by the industry are resolved, as well as identifying growth opportunities, for the benefit of the South African aluminium industry at large.