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Course Instructor:

Colin Pratt, Associate Consultant, CRU Consulting, London
Colin has spent the past 37 years working in commodity market analysis, most of them with CRU, where he headed the aluminium business unit from 1987 to 2002.  During this period, he helped to build up CRU’s aluminium research into the industry leading position it enjoys today.


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Agenda overview

The training course will be run twice a day to accommodate the Dubai time zone and the Eastern Standard time zone, giving you the opportunity to choose to join at a time that suits you best.

Day one: 28 June 2022

Dubai Time Eastern Standard Time (USA)  



Module 1: Introduction

An introduction into the production chain and stages in the production process, providing rich and detailed information about the evolution of consumption, prices, major companies, and consolidation.


09:00 BREAK



Module 2: Raw Materials

A comprehensive guide to production, reserves, costs, trade flows, pricing and freight in bauxite and alumina, as well as detailed information about uses and markets for caustic soda and carbon products.

12:40  10:40  Live Q&A


Day two: 29 June 2022

Dubai Time Eastern Standard Time (USA)  



Module 3: Primary aluminium

An overview of the production process and technologies, as well as detailed information about locations of production, costs, energy sources, cast house products, primary consumption by sector, substitution, trade, and pricing. 


09:20 BREAK



Module 4: Secondary aluminium

A focus on scrap trade flows, the location of secondary production, scrap, remelt and secondary alloys pricing, regulation and tariffs following introductions to refined vs remelt and new vs old scrap. 

12:20 10:20
 Live Q&A


Day three: 30 June 2022

Dubai Time Eastern Standard Time (USA)



Module 5: Semi-finished products

Addresses production process, cost breakdowns, end uses, substitution, pricing, and markets for rolled products, extrusions, castings, and wire rod.



Module 6: Pricing and economics

Comprehensive and accessible descriptions of marginal costs, demand and price cycles, the role of inventories, non-fundamental factors, premiums, upcharges, and netback.




13:00 11:00

Module 7: Sustainability

A detailed view of sustainability and ESG, including sustainability goals, climate change and GHG, life cycle analysis, recycling, and circular economy.

13:40 11:40  Live Q&A

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