Exhibitors 2023

Innoval Technology Ltd

At Innoval, knowledge is our business. As aluminium consultants, we’re here to share our expertise to help you develop products and processes that are better for people and for the planet. We are a collective of expert consultants who work with partners to develop products and production methods that put sustainability, usability and efficiency first. We build long-term relationships to help organisations design, develop and manufacture better products for end-users and the environment. Our aluminium consultants come from a wide range of technical disciplines and their practical experience is varied; we have a huge amount of expertise under one roof.

Istanbul Ferrous and non-Ferrous Exporters Association

İstanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Association (İMMİB) is a professional establishment in affiliation with Ministry of Trade, Republic of Türkiye, incorporating 6 exporters’ associations within its body. İMMİB represents six big exporter industries in Turkey which are chemicals, steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronics, minerals, and jewellery. In 2023 the total export value of the 6 sectors represented by İMMİB constitutes 30% of Türkiye's total exports. İMMİB has almost 45.000 member companies producing and exporting in these associations.

İstanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association (İDDMİB) is one of the association under the roof of İMMİB General Secretariat. Turkish Aluminium Industry has %38 share at İDDMİB’s export as being the first sector. Turkish Aluminium products are preferred by the world’s leading markets, recognized by specialist retailers and biggest chain stores for their high quality products certified to international standards while enjoying highly competitive prices and on time delivery. Türkiye, keeps pace with latest trends, fashion and Technologies and Turkish companies have being actively participating in the world’s leading exhibitions in Europe, Asia and USA for more than 30 years and and building up their brand “Turkish Aluminium” globally. The industry exports more than half of the production as finished goods. Exports of the Aluminium Industry reached 4,89 billion US$ in 2023. Turkish Aluminium sector makes export to more than 203 countries. There are approximately 1.500 active companies and employ more than 35.000 employees.