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"Very interesting and useful conference. Extremely well done in the current circumstances, the virtual conference platform worked extremely well"
Peter Mitchell, Industry Adviser, EBRD

"The conference was very successful, given all difficulties to have it done on a virtual basis, I think this was a success."
Erol Metin, secretary general, TALSAD

"It had been a great experience, with usual CRU High quality research, Papers and online networking. Looking forward to the next Aluminium Conference by CRU."
Kamal Prakash, Director, AlCircle Pte. Ltd.

"CRU offers and virtually delivers great data & content-rich presentations by globally qualified speakers on topics of current interest."
Subodh Das, CEO, Phinix,LLC

"Well organized online Aluminium conference on latest industry relevant topics."
Ashok Nandi, President, International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society (IBAAS)

"Thank you, CRU, for the invitation. That was my first virtual conferences. I found the platform easy to use. I found all I was looking for. Easy to get into contact with other participants. And of course, some really interesting presentation, I enjoyed it."
Ralf Scheid, Director Sales Europe, REAL ALLOY

"Very professionally organised with a good mix of topics covered, an impressive list of speakers and informative debates. Smooth transitions between sessions and excellent time-keeping. Well done, CRU!"
Denis Hunzinger, Sales Manager – Aluminium, Bloom Engineering (Europa) GmbH

"Very Well organised Very effective and useful"
Ravindra Kulkarni, Secretary, Aluminium Extruders Council (ALEX)

"In the midst of this pandemic, CRU has come up with a virtual conference to continue providing a top quality forum to the aluminium industry that enables participants to interact in a safe environment. In my opinion CRU has chosen the best possible alternative prioritizing safety of participants. Moreover, the platform was easy to use and the organization was just perfect."
Argimiro Viado, Consultant

"Technically seamless and, as ever, a great thematic conference with an impressive spectrum of speakers"
Andy Home, Metals Columnist, Thomson Reuters

"it was the first big virtual conference that I attended. I found it very well organised and managed. The seminars were well managed and topics were well selected. It provided me a good insights of the industry, its ambitions and challenges and opportunities ahead."
Ela Yilmaz Akdeniz, Principal, EBRD

"A well planned and executed event, filled with pertinent insights."
Shree Maharaj, Market Demand Manager, Hulamin

"A wide variety of information on all related markets, presented in a concise and professional way, while allowing for participate interaction. Well done!!!"
James Checkeye, Aluminum Director of Sales and Business Development, Bloom Engineering Co. Inc.

"It was a well prepared event, thank you!!"
Rolf Wilbers, Executive Director, Achenbach Buschhuetten GmbH & Co.KG

"CRU Aluminium Conference Series North America provides insightful presentation on well selected topics in a very well organized virtual platform."
Argimiro Viado, Independent Consultant

"The Conference was a positive surprise how well it was working. Its apparent that these types of Conferences in a virtual World works quite well. Well organised by CRU."
Torbjorn Sternsjo, President Europe, Granges

"The go to conference for the latest developments in the aluminium market, with insights into specific industries & an overview of the impact of Global events on the aluminium industry."
Mark White, Innovation Director, DSW Automotive Ltd

"It was an interesting conference and it was right decision to join the event."
Rolf Wilbers, Executive Director Global Sales, Achenbach Buschhuetten GmbH & Co.KG

"A very well run, informative and interactive virtual conference"
Ryan de Franck, MD, VBX

"Congratulations to CRU for a very successful event which inspired us to attend more virtual conferences. An excellent solution maybe not only in COVID-19 times."
Carmen Hilbert, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager, Tokai COBEX GmbH

"Impeccably organized events full of interesting topics"
Corina Radu, Marketing manager, VIMETCO MANAGEMENT ROMANIA

"Fantastic conference with excellent presentations covering many important and timely issues."
Hugh Smachlo, Import Policy Analyst, International Trade Administration

"Best show on Aluminium"
Indrajit Roy, Lead Specialist, Maaden