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Virtual Learning

This training course will be conducted on the CRU best-in-class virtual event platform, which has hosted over 100 virtual events over the last year. The advantages of a virtual course are many - the ability to watch segments both live and on-demand proving particularly useful for executives with busy schedules. There will be resources to download, live networking, and extended time to explore the course material and message the instructors after the live programming with more specific questions. Watch the below demo video to learn more:

Feedback from delegates who attended Aluminium Industry Training:

"The online "Aluminum Industry Training" was time well spent.  CRU does a phenomenal job presenting the content, and making their team of experts available to discuss and address any questions."
Peter Nagusky, President & CEO, The Federal Metal Co.

"The training was very valuable, both for people new to the aluminium industry and more experienced colleagues."
Pia Alina Lange, Director Public Affairs and Communications, European Aluminium

"Excellent overview of the entire aluminium value chain. Congratulations for an outstanding presentation and explanation of complex topics with good examples. It is beneficial for beginners as well as pros in the industry."
Carmen Hilbert, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager, Tokai COBEX GmbH

"Great content, competent experts."
Martin Gilbert, Commissioner of Industrial Development , Promotion Saguenay Inc.