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About the Event

Given the current dynamics at play in the US scrap and primary aluminum markets, the importance and value of efficient use of aluminum scrap is unprecedented. Companies operating at any point in the aluminum value chain are set to benefit from this technical conference, especially those in the secondary, rolling, extrusion, forging, and casting segments.

We invite area supervisors, production and plant managers, purchasing specialists, strategic planners, owners, CFOs and CEOs, to attend the conference and join in the discussion as the industry looks to navigate unchartered waters in aluminum scrap.

Key Topics to be covered include:

  • Scrap Preparation: Latest Advancements & Techniques for Efficiently Shredding & Sorting Aluminum Scrap
  • Energy (Gas & Electricity)  
  • Capabilities and Applications of the latest sorting technologies
  • Furnace technology and how to select the best furnace for your application
  • Metal Casting technology and performance
  • Importance of appropriately utilizing flux 
  • How to properly measure the commercial value of scrap