Addressing the supply challenge: an industry in transition

We are delighted to announce details of the 3rd CRU World Copper Conference Asia, which is part of Asia Copper Week. The conference is in collaboration with CESCO and China Minmetals Corporation, and will take place on 13-14 November 2024 in Shanghai.  

In light of recent shift in the attitudes of governments, companies are progressing long-idled major projects. As a result, this year’s event will focus on the following theme 'Addressing the supply challenge: an industry in transition’ the conference will dissect this topic through detailed analysis of supply, demand, pricing and investment strategy. Register now at the launch rate.

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Key themes

  • Addressing the supply challenge: an industry in transition
  • Emerging forces that will define the demand story
  • Is the tide finally turning on the outlook for copper mine supply?
  • CRU's view on the copper market outlook
  • The China model a recipe for success
  • Copper prices and volatility


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