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About the Event

 About the Event

For a quarter of a century, RefComm has been the trusted source for safety training, innovative technology, and best practices in the refinery.

We have culled decades of refinery experience into effective, practical solutions that your team can incorporate from the ground up to ensure your unit operates at peak performance, all while protecting your workers. RefComm's technical presentations and training courses are presented by industry leaders alongside a state-of-the-art, interactive exhibition hall featuring innovative tech and real-world solutions for all the challenges you face in your refinery. 

As we return to Europe, the event will be the meeting point for those who specialize in delayed coking.

Companies participating in the last RefComm Europe


Whether you are new to the industry or transitioning to a new role, the skills learned here will help you succeed in your unit. All training classes (priced separately from the conference) are taught by seasoned industry experts. Students receive a certificate for classroom hours and a class manual that can serve as a valuable office reference. Training courses include Delayed Coking

Training Courses

Sponsorship & Exhibition

 About the Event

No other oil and gas conference in the world enjoys RefComm's refiner to vendor ratios. Our conferences routinely average a 2-to-1 or 3-to-1 vendor-to-refiner ratio, with endless opportunities to showcase your business to the people who matter most. There is no better way to engage your core audience, cultivate new leads, and grow your bottom line than with us at RefComm Europe 2024. Visit our Sponsorship and exhibition pages to learn more, or contact Michelle to reserve your spot.

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities