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We will be running the first Steel Hedging 101 Workshop, January 26-27, 2021 on our customized virtual platform

Steel Hedging 101: Introduction to Managing Price Risk

Steel Market Update and Spencer Johnson, StoneX Group Inc.,  along with the CME Group, will be conducting a workshop for those who are actively involved in the buying or selling of steel. This workshop is tailored for those looking to understand financial derivatives as an instrument to hedge price risk, protect margins, protect inventories, or offer long-term pricing to their customers. 

The flat rolled steel market is a unique and challenging environment to manage risk, but this introductory course will explain the basics of how financial products work for the steel industry through basic real world scenarios.

Building up from the basics of why firms use these products and what advantages they offer, participants will take away a concrete understanding of hedging basics, terminology, and the knowledge of market structure they will need to build a risk management strategy for their own firm.

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Participants will understand:

  • What is "Hedging," and why do so many companies do it 
  • What makes hedging in steel different than other commodities
  • The structure of the market and the mechanics of how trades are executed
  • The costs and risk involved 


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Virtual learning

This workshop will be held virtually on our tried and tested virtual event platform. The advantages of the virtual workshop are many, including the ability to watch segments both live and on-demand if you miss something, or want to re-watch a particular topic.  There will be resources to download, live networking, and extended time to explore the workshop material and message the instructors after the live programming with more specific questions.