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Steel Hedging Testimonials

"I highly recommend anyone considering a steel hedging program to take this course.  It was an excellent introduction to the process and what is needed to get going." - Michael Horton, Director - GSE Global Supply Chain, JBT Corporation

"Excellent value for anyone interested in learning about steel hedging." -  Chad Gossard, McNeilus Steel, Corporate Sales Mgr

"Great introduction. Speakers and content provided exactly the necessary information needed to develop a basis for good understanding of the concept." - Al Thomas, Gibraltar - SEMCO, Director Supply Chain 

"The sessions provide a lot of information." - Lee Tyler, Director of Supply Chain, Priefert Mfg. Co.

"Outstanding course. Real world situations were to the point, in layman's terms. Enjoyed the live interactions and discussions. A course any experienced steel buyer, steel seller, and CFO needs to take. Great job to SMU on educating the steel community. Hedging is a very large part of our strategy, in our business model. We commit to customers for six months upwards to a year in pricing. So the only way we can drive the risk out in this volatile market, is to hedge."
- Chris Shipp, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Reibus (formerly Priefert Steel)

"Workshop was very informative and beneficial for a beginner in hedging in the steel industry."
- Jamie Baynard, Sr Buyer, Stabilus, Inc

"Very good classroom teaching as well as attendee and instructor Q&A, dialogue,  real world experience and advice." - Steve Andrews, Director of Supply Chain, Systems Control

"I highly recommend the Steel Market Update Introduction to Steel Hedging course to anyone who may find themselves intimidated or confused by futures. The basic concepts are explained in great clarity. The instructors provide realistic examples that, when put into practice, can improve your company's sustainability by mitigating inventory risk, and expanding the diversity of product offerings to your customers. I highly recommend attending an in-person class if possible. Many thanks to the team!" - Ben Burgett, Product Manager, Superior Steel Supply

"A fruitful overview of a complicated topic broken down to simple concepts that make it easy to understand the benefits and risks associated with a hedging steel futures strategy" - Chris Neighbors, Commodity Manager, Legrand AV

"The course on Steel Hedging was relevant, concise and well organized with excellent on-line interaction with the presenters and coordinators." 
- James McEwen, CFO, Welded Tube of Canada Corp.

"SMU have done a great job of providing these workshops, from beginner to more advanced. They've done a great job of helping to educate the community as a whole. Our company is a very strong believer in training. We've sent all levels of people in our team, from CFO to VP of Production and buyers - all attending these workshops to continue to get educated as we move forward and to help our risk management strategy."
- Chris Shipp, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Reibus (formerly Priefert Steel)