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 Automotive Steels
Workshop Schedule: Day One
7:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
7:30 AM Welcome & introduction
7:40 AM Raw Materials
What Makes Steel?
8:30 AM The Steel Making Process
Integrated Steel Making- Blast Furnace and Basic Oxygen Furnace Manufacturing
9:30 AM Break
9:45 AM The Steel Making Process
Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturing
10:45 AM
10:55 AM Flat Rolled Products
Plate & Coil Production
End Session
11:45 AM Load Shuttle for Steel Mill Tour
12:30 PM Luncheon
Arrive at Mill- Luncheon and Introduction
1:00 - 4:00 PM Mill Tour
Mill will provide guides with SMU instructors as back-up for one-on-one questions
4:30 PM End Tour
Load Shuttle for Hotel
5:00 PM End Day 1
Arrive back at hotel
6:00 – 8:00 PM Cocktail Reception
Cocktail Party & Networking Dinner
Workshop Schedule: Day Two
7:00 AM Breakfast
7:30 AM Round Table Discussion
Review of Day 1 Instruction & Mill Review
7:45 AM
Steel Qualities and Grades
8:00 AM  Automotive Steels
8:15 AM Long Product Production
9:00 AM Break
9:15 AM End Applications and Specifications
9:30 AM Painted Steel
9:45 AM Commodities and their impact on steel pricing
10:15 AM Break
10:30 AM Market Fundamentals
Identifying and Understanding Global & Domestic Fundamentals
11:00 AM Steel Pricing
How flat rolled & long steel products are bought and sold
11:30 AM Risks in the Supply Chain
Identifying Potential Risks in the Steel Supply Chain that May Impact You
11:45 AM Luncheon
12:15 PM Interactive Segment
Specifying and Pricing Steel
1:30 PM
1:45 PM Markets
Steel Markets in Transition and The Changing Face of the Steel Industry
2:30 PM Available Tools & Resources  
Understand the Data, Tools and Resources Available for Industry Participants to Actively Follow the Market
3:00 PM End Day 2
End of Workshop