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Fantastic opportunity to gain deep insight into the current state of the silicon production sector with knowledgeable speakers and great networking potential.

Thomas Blase, Principal Analyst, McLellan and Partners Ltd.

Silicon Market Forum is one of the rear events in the industry where you can still hear professional and valuable reports which allow you to get updated on the industry status in just one day from different angles and perspectives. There is a good balance between analytical information and industry leaders insights, and future perspectives forecasts which allows to understand the industry in all dimensions.

Natalia Yaremenko, Sales Director, COBEX GmbH

The CRU is the most important annual event, where we meet the most relevant parties for raw material supply, technology providers, producers and market analysists in the field of si-metal.

Rolf Degel, VP, SMS group

Amazing event

Sara Gamal El Din, Commercial Manager, Reliance Egypt

Important event for the industry with very good attendance of all market players

Liudmila Pereveznyuk, Head of Sales - Carbon Electrodes and Cathodes, Energoprom Group

Excellent! You suceed to gather the main producers and users of silicon metal in a one day Conference!

Marcos Caram Patrus, Director, Ligas de alumínio S.A. - LIASA

Good opportunity to catch up with old friends , make new acquaintances and if you are travelling from far away, be a tourist for a short while

David Miles, Vice President, Simcoa

Great networking and industry related interaction all round.

Greg Phyffer, Business Development Manager, Simcoa Operations

A very good value for money, with presentations on a variety of topics by highly skilled experts and opportunity for network.

Iva Ganev, Director Energy, Climate and Raw Materials, EUROALLIAGES

It is the 1st time for us to attend the Silicon Market Forum, it is opportunity to know the international trend of silicon market, the program content/speakers are impressive. It is also a networking opportunity.


The CRU Silicon Conference is well worth attending !

Thomas Walters, Vice President, Service Aluminum Corporation

Great event that covers everything you need to know about the silicon market in one day

Valur Aegisson, Director of Business Analysis, Landsvirkjun

Good opportunity to meet End producers

Giuseppe Filomena, Head of Non Ferrous Metals, Cellmark Italy srl

CRU is an excellent meeting place for companies involved in production, marketing and/or development of silicon based materials.

Knut Mork, CEO, ReSiTec AS

This conference is well organised and attracts key decision makers with this industry. Being a sponsor at the 2019 forum provided Metix with reputable platform for promoting our brand, competencies and services. We look forward to a promising future partnership with CRU.

Zak van der Westhuizen, Sales Manager, Metix (SMS group)

The CRU Silicon Market Conference is an excellent possibility to meet the most important players in our business. The compact agenda makes it easy to get organized.

Stephan Bauer, Production Manager, RW silicium GmbH

That the CRU Silicon Market Forum even in difficult times/markets manages to bring together all players in the Silicon World says everything.

Jan Olaf Roszinski, , Carbon Partners AS

The conference was well organised and all the topics covered interesting.

Omar Tryggvason, Director of alternative investments, Summa rekstrarfelag

I do find it very informative, so I will recommend this conference

Marat, Specialist, Tau-Ken Temir

My 2nd conference that I had been to, and I will also participate next year. Great event, great attendes, lot of business opportunities plus great venue. Highly recommend.

Adrian Stolar, Commercial Director, Heneken

Interesting topics and great networking opportunities. CRU always deliver on their presentations.

Arild Bakås, SVP, GIEK

Extremely well organized event and always very interesting and professional presentations

juha palo, Sales Manager, Outotec

Good event to reunite with old friends and gather the mood of the industry

David Miles, Vice President, Simcoa Operations

A must for every company being involved in silicon

Rolf Degel, VP non ferrous metals, sms group gmbh

This conference is recommendable to all actors in the Si-Met industry chain.

Gustavo von Krüger, Sales Manager, ACK Representação Ltda

Excellent opportunity to do networking

Juan Ramos, Business Development Manager, CANDEL ENERGIA

Good networking opportunity!

Elisabeth Holmsen, Head of procurement, Norsk Hydro

It was a very well organised event with just about all the influential entities outside of China attending.

Wynand Moolman, Projects Director, Metix, SMS group

The CRU Silicon Market Forum is the networking event of the silicon industry. I am always looking forward meeting familiar faces.

Jan-Philipp Mai, CEO, JPM Silicon

Very well organised and attended, was my first and will return

René Boisvert, President, Canadian Metals Inc.

CRU has established the premier platform for this industry sector, the level of executive personnel in attendance offers excellent market valuations and opportunities.

BRUCE B KLASSEN, Managjng Director, 5k Limited LLC

The CRU Silicom Forum gets better and bigger each year and attracts the top industry leaders, suppliers, innovators and technologists for this bright and growing industry.

Lou Parous, Director, Viridis-iQ GmbH

A good opportunity for suppliers to get a comprehensive overview of the industry.

Edvard G Gudnason, Director, Landsvirkjun

Always a good value for money

Iva Ganev, Director Energy, Climate and Raw Materials, EUROALLIAGES

Highly recommend the attendance, the speakers are very market aware and offer the intelligence which our distribution level has great value

BRUCE B KLASSEN, Managing Director, 5k Limited LLC

Highly relevant and informative conference

Sigurgeir Tryggvason, CEO, Summa Asset Management

The place to be to get the latest market insights and excellent networking opportunities!

Dr. Jan-Philipp Mai, Managing Director, JPM Silicon (HK) Ltd.

Very valuable and unique conference that is totally focused on silicon metal - one stop shopping!


It is a must attending " Forum" to attend for all Silicon Metal producers and Raw material suppliers to have an in-depth marketing strategy and to navigate through the business.


It's was the 1st time to attend and we will keep doing each year, Excellent opportunity , Very important event as it keep us updated with the international silicon market along with gaining a great opportunities with the business owners internationally. Thank you so much for doing a great job, well done.

Khaled Fahmy, CEO, Central Desert Mining Company

We liked the organization, a lot of important information, serious speakers, a wonderful location. Well done, see you next year.

Vladimir Arkhipov, Commercial Director, Ecotop