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Call for Papers for CRU Nitrogen+Syngas 2025: Deadline is 23 August 2024

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CRU Nitrogen+Syngas is the industry’s most comprehensive technical conference spanning the nitrogen and syngas value chain. The technical agenda focuses on sharing operational experience and best practice; developing solutions to operational challenges; and highlighting new technology, process, and material developments.

We are pleased to invite all organisations to submit an abstract for consideration in the 2025 conference in Barcelona. Presentations delivered by operators will be given priority.

Subject areas include:


Nitric acid and Nitrates






We welcome papers covering the following topics:
  • Syngas: generation, purification, catalysts, syngas-based technologies
  • Ammonia: operations, technology, catalysts, storage, and transport
  • Methanol: operations, technology, catalysts, and decarbonisation
  • Nitric acid and ammonium nitrates: operations, technology, and catalysts, nitrate fertilizers
  • Urea: operations, technology, and decarbonisation
  • Hydrogen: operations, and technology
  • Ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, urea and melamine: product diversification, energy and future fuels, blue ammonia, blue hydrogen, green ammonia, green hydrogen, green methanol
  • Nitrogen fertilizer finishing: operations, technology, environmental compliance
  • Transforming renewable electricity, biomass and waste into green hydrogen, green ammonia, eMethanol, eFuels
  • Asset integrity, reliability, plant safety, industry incidents, materials of construction, and troubleshooting
  • Revamping for: capacity increase, improved energy efficiency, environmental compliance
  • Process integration: novel technologies, energy integration, and circularity
  • CCUS and sustainability: reducing the carbon intensity of production
  • Industry 4.0: digitalisation, digital tools, digital twins, simulation, cyber-physical and connectivity tools in design, operation, maintenance, and training functions
  • Projects covering more than one of the categories
  • Environmental compliance: regulations, emissions monitoring, and management
  • Plant economics: revamping and project financing (non-technical)
  • Industry and market position presentations (non-technical)
  • Technical showcases: new products and equipment

Why submit an abstract?

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and experience to an international audience
  • Enhance your industry profile and position yourself as a thought-leader
  • Highlight your organisation’s new developments and innovations
  • Meet industry peers and develop new contacts

How to submit an abstract?

Submit an abstract of between 200-400 words, outlining the nature of your case study, processes or  technology, its target market and USP’s it delivers.