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Call for Papers for CRU Nitrogen + Syngas 2024: Deadline extended until 29 September

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CRU Nitrogen + Syngas is the industry’s most comprehensive technical conference spanning the nitrogen and syngas value chain. The technical agenda focuses on sharing operational experience and best practice; developing solutions to operational challenges; and highlighting new technology, process, and material developments.

We are pleased to invite all organisations to submit an abstract for consideration in the 2024 conference in Gothenburg.

Subject areas include:

  • Syngas generation and purification
  • Nitrates and nitric acid
  • Methanol
  • Ammonia
  • Urea
  • GTL
  • Hydrogen  

We welcome papers covering the following topics: 

  • Syngas: generation, purification, catalysts
  • Ammonia: operations, technology, catalysts
  • Methanol: operations, technology, catalysts
  • Nitric acid and nitrates: operations, technology, catalysts
  • Urea: operations, technology, product developments
  • Nitrogen fertilizer finishing: operations, technology, environmental compliance
  • Projects covering more than one of the above categories
  • Asset integrity, reliability, safety, materials of construction
  • Digitalisation: digital tools for process design, production, climate and circularity objectives
  • Environmental compliance: regulations, emissions monitoring and management
  • Revamping: for capacity increase, improved energy efficiency, sustainability
  • Decarbonisation: reducing the carbon intensity of production for ammonia, hydrogen, methanol
  • Technical showcases: new products and equipment
  • Industry and market position presentations (non-technical)
  • Plant economics: project financing
  • Process integration: energy integration, circularity, product diversification


Please feel free to contact Ava Blagoeva to discuss your presentation topic/ideas in more detail, or if you want to a submit a paper confidentially due to the sensitive nature of early technology development. 

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