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2022 Agenda

Please note all agenda times are listed in Central European Time (GMT+1). Agenda is provisional and subject to change. 

Monday 28 March

10:00 Registration open
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Market updates

13:45  CRU global nitrogen and gas markets outlook
Shruti Kashyap, Principle Analyst, Nitrogen,  CRU

14:10 Exploring the challenges of the fertilizer industry’s carbon footprint, including implications of emissions tax schemes
Alexander Derricott, Senior Analyst - Fertilizer Costs & Emissions, CRU

14:45 Update from the Ammonia Energy Association
Kevin Rouwenhorst, Technology Manager, Ammonia Energy Association 

15:15 Networking break
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Latest developments in green ammonia production

15:45 Production and conversion of green ammonia for current and future applications
Yawar Abbas Naqvi, Topsoe A/S

16:15 Casale flexible green ammonia plant, the economically viable green production
Giovanni Genova, CASALE SA

16:45 Green ammonia technology: Case studies and global developments
Akhil Nahar, Sr. Tech. Prof. Leader- Process, Syngas, Technology, KBR

17:15 Stami green ammonia to play a key role in decarbonizing the fertilizer industry
Deepak Shetty, Stamicarbon

17:45 Welcome Reception 
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Tuesday 29 March

08:00 Registration open
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Track 1: Ammonia, Methanol & Syngas

Decarbonisation options for existing plants

09:00 Decarbonizing ammonia production
Klemens Wawrzinek, Linde GmbH

09:30 Green ammonia by Haldor Topsoe hybrid revamp of existing ammonia plants
Ameet Kakoti, Topsoe A/S

10:00 Decarbonization options for syngas plants using green and blue hydrogen through benchmarking
Dan Barnett, BD Energy Systems

10:30 Networking break
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Low carbon and blue ammonia

11:00 Making and breaking ammonia: Ammonia and its place in the low carbon economy
Julie Ashcroft, Johnson Matthey

11:30 Shaping the future of ammonia
Massimiliano Sala, Saipem

12:00 Production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from woody biomass by Gasification-FT Synthesis Technology – Successful demonstration to fly a commercial flight
Yasuhiko Kojima, Toyo Engineering Corporation

12:30 Networking lunch

Advances in the sustainable and efficient production of methanol

14:00 IMC’s energy efficiency enhancement project exceeding the target
Muhammad Adnan Tariq, Sahara International Petrochemicals

14:30 Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA): robust technologies which become a successful path to a green methanol plant
Dennis Chafiâ, G.I. Dynamics
Isabella Muscionico, Casale

15:00 How nanoscale discoveries can result in mega scale benefits for methanol producers tra(Virtual presentation)
Jens Sehested, Topsøe AS

15:30 Networking break
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Energy efficiency enhancements for NH3 plants

16:00 Transition technology toward carbon footprint reduction and energy intensification of steam methane reformer in ammonia production
Olivier Brasseur, BD Energy Systems, LLC
Nenad Zecevic, PETROKEMIJA

16:30 AmoMax® 10 Plus: From fundamental understanding to industrial application
Rene Eckert, Clariant

17:00 Replacing vertical ammonia converters with optimized energy efficiency, increased capacity, safe and reliable ones
Mahesh Gandhi, KBR

17:30 Close of day two

Track 2: Urea, Nitrates & Finished Fertilizers

Improving the sustainability and efficiency of urea production

09:00 Casale LEM™ improved process: Know-how and Technology, the best mix to maximize environmental sustainability
Simone Gamba; Gabriele Di Carlo, CASALE SA

09:30 Toyo’s latest innovations in urea synthesis technologies and sustainable urea production
Takahiro Yanagawa, Toyo Engineering Corporation

10:00 The efficiency of Methylene Urea
Massimo Gori; Svetoslav Valkov, Desmet Ballestra

10:30 Networking break
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Optimising urea operations: Enhancing reliability

11:00 Composite control valve
Paul Jorissen, Stamicarbon

11:30 Importance of high-quality service and how can this minimize the down time and increase the reliability of fertilizer plant
Filippo Colucci; Richard Jandl, Christof Group SBN

12:00 New superduplex material for application in high pressure synthesis of urea plant
Alberto Serrafero, Saipem

14:00 Engro’s 50+ years experience of effectively managing plant turnarounds (virtual presentation)
Narmeen Habib; Asad Khan, Engro Fertilizers Limited

Urea plant monitoring solutions

14:30 Leak detection system commissioning
Mohamed Kamal Mohamed Ibrahim; Fawzy Tayel, Abu Qir Fertilizers Company

15:00 Reliable, accurate continuous dust emission monitoring from urea & ammonium nitrate prilling towers & granulation plants
David Inward, SICK spol. s r.o.

15:30 Close of track
Networking Break
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Wednesday 30 March

08:00 Registration open
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Track 1: Ammonia, Methanol & Syngas

Catalyst developments
09:00 Getting the most $ value from your nickel – Improved profitability and reduced emissions from sustainable reforming catalysts (virtual presentation)
Thomas Ithell, Johnson Matthey

09:30 Clariant Service Portal - Next-generation digitalized catalyst support to enhance plant operation
Vaclav Jurcik; Maximilian Aigner, Clariant

10:00 Choosing and deploying a digital Energy Management Solution (EMS) (virtual presentation)
Matthieu Poulain, METRON

10:30 Networking break
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11:00 Intelligent plant monitoring: Avoiding the costs of unplanned shutdowns
Flavio Fabbri; Lisa Krumpholz, Navigance GmbH

New materials developments to mitigate corrosion and metal dusting conditions

11:30 Case study: Using field-sprayed metal alloys to prevent corrosion in syngas production
Vitaly Geraskin, Integrated Global Services

12:00 VDM® Alloy 699 XA: results after two years field application at metal dusting conditions
Tatiana Hentrich, VDM Metals International GmbH

12:30 Networking lunch

Ammonia operations: Reliability and performance improvements

14:00 Engineering, Modelling & Layout Considerations to Obtain Best Combustion Performance when Revamping Downfired Reformers
Rene Becker; Ali Gueniche, Koch Engineered Solutions

14:30 Design VS maintenance of ammonia converter syngas boilers
Stefano Villa, Alfa Laval Olmi SpA

15:00 A novel idea to sustain plant operation (virtual presentation)
Qazi Wasif Ud Din, Engro Fertilizers Limited

15:30 Networking break
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16:00 Ammonia plant reliability assurance by improving process safety and engineering controls
Ali Haider, Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited

16:30 Exclusive experience of ammonia convertor operation with leaked methanator feed / effluent exchanger
Muhammad umar Riaz; Muhammad Hashim, Fatima Fertilizer Company limited

17:00 Close of conference

Urea, Nitrates & Finished Fertilizers

Improving the sustainability of nitrates production
09:00 Make high use of low caloric heat of a nitric acid plant
Johannes Dammeier, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG

09:30 Project Green Salpeter: Towards a better understanding of Pt-catalyzed ammonia combustion
Artur Wiser, Umicore AG & Co. KG (Platinum Engineered Materials)
Johannes Dammeier, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG

Materials developments for nitric acid plants
10:00 Sandvik’s innovative material developments avoid corrosion in nitric acid producing plants
Angela Philipp, Sandvik

10:30 Networking break
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Technology advances in N20 abatement
11:00 Nitrous oxide emissions reduction from nitric acid manufacturing plants
Iain Hepplewhite, Johnson Matthey

11:30 Sustainable N2O abatement technology for nitric acid plants
Partha Pratim Chowdhury, Rit Desai, KBR

12:00 Krastsvetmet solutions for emission reduction in nitric acid plants at capacity increase
Alexander Dyukov, JSC Krastsvetmet

12:30 Networking lunch

Optimising the performance of nitric acid plants
14:00 Nitric acid plant: revamp case studies for process optimization, capacity augmentation, and concentration enhancement
Piyush Agnihotri; Rit Desai, KBR

14:30 Enhanced efficiency in nitrate fertilizer production by AI based soft sensors for real-time quality prediction (virtual presentation)
Kathrin Rodermund, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions BU Uhde

15:00 Networking break
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Emissions monitoring and management solutions*
(*Please note this session is primarily focused on ammonia)

15:30 From early warning to long term monitoring – A solution for detecting dangerous gas emissions of ammonia processing facilities
René Braun, Grandperspective GmbH

16:00 Return of experience on the efficacy and reliability of fiber optic ammonia leakage detection systems
Roberto Walder, Smartec SA

16:30 Challenges in waste gas cleaning of a fertilizer production
Martin Joksch, P&P Industries AG

17:00 Close of conference