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If you are interested in supporting the forthcoming World Copper Conference, then please contact:  Alyssa Denis

 Official Publications


MinerAndina Comunicaciones is a specialized media focused on the mining sector and related economic and social sectors with more than 25 years in the market and with an international profile. We produce specialized publications, printed and digital, some bilingual, providing truthful, reliable and timely information to the market. We provide press and communications consulting services to companies and events, as well as participate in world-class local and international events. We sometimes also organize our own events to bring our local and international audiences closer.


  • MinerAndina.Com (flagship weekly bilingual)
  • MinerAndina y Sociedad
  • Special Publications (PDAC Special; IMARC Special; PERU COBRE)
  • Directory of Mining and Exploration Projects (bilingual)
  • Weekly newscast (coming soon)

Ratings Partner

Fitch Ratings

Dedicated to providing value beyond the rating, Fitch Ratings is a leading provider of credit ratings, commentary, and research. Fitch Group is a global leader in financial information services and is comprised of: Fitch Ratings, Fitch Solutions, and Fitch Learning. With dual headquarters in London and New York, Fitch Group is owned by Hearst.In 2017, Fitch Ratings and CRU Group announced a strategic agreement to incorporate CRU’s expertise in the Metals and Mining sectors into Fitch’s industry research and credit analysis.

Supporting Organisation


Aprimin was created in December 2003 with the aim of promoting rationalization, development, progress, improvement and information of the supplier industry of mining.

The role of Aprimin is to study all the problems affecting the mining industry and propose and promote solutions. Collect, maintain and provide scientific and technical partners legal, regulatory and information related to the sector. Ensure strict compliance with ethical, commercial and competition that should govern the activity of its associated rules.

Fundacion Minera de Chile

Fundación Minera de Chile is a non-profit organization that was born with the aim of educating, promoting and disseminating knowledge about Mining to the public.

Mining is the most important productive sector in Chile, not only from the point of view of economic development, but also as an articulator and promoter of technological innovation and specialized human capital.
This contribution and generation of country value must be communicated and transmitted to the public, thus contributing to the positive and realistic appreciation of the industry.

1. Promote training strategies, training, education, research, culture, industry environment.
2. Disseminate information and studies related to the mining industry and all its relevant areas.
3. Collaborate in the process of developing public policies and strategies for the development of the mining industry.
4. Generate sustainable development strategies for the mining industry and best practices.
5. Transfer of information to citizens through campaigns and projects.

Generate instruments and actions to promote mining activity, transmitting to the public the contribution of the industry to the country, promoting sustainable and sustainable growth.

Sociedad Nacional de Minería

The National Mining Association of Chile (SONAMI) is an institution that brings together and represents large, medium and small scale mining, metallic and nonmetallic. It was founded on September 26, 1883. Over the years, it has contributed to the growth of private mining and the improvement of mining institutions and legislation, as well as to the development of a skillful work force in the sector. Currently, it brings together over 76 companies belonging to medium and large-sized mining, exploration companies and those related to the mining industry, as well as thirty-eight regional mining associations representing more than two thousand small mining enterprises. SONAMI is a member of the Confederation for Production and Commerce of Chile (CPC), the association that brings together the main production and service sectors in Chile. It also has representatives on the boards of the National Mining Corporation (ENAMI) and the Mining Commission for the Qualification of Competencies in Mineral Resources and Reserves.

Internationally, it is a founder and a member of the InterAmerican Mining Association (SIM), an institution formed by mining chambers and associations of the region. In addition, it is part of the Latin American Mining Organization (OLAMI) composed of national coordination units of sixteen countries in the region, where all stakeholders involved in the industry are represented. It also integrates the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), which brings together leading mining and metals companies and associations of the world.

Istanbul Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association (IDDMIB)

Istanbul Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association (IDDMIB) has been representing more than 6.000 companies in Turkey. The Association provides contact between members and foreign importers in order to ease the export processes, serves up-to-date domestic and global market news, reports and analyses and also solves the problems of its member companies face at home and abroad.

IDDMIB, represents exporter companies from 9 sub-sectors. These are:

Aluminium and Aliminium Products, Copper and Copper Products, Casting/ Foundry, Construction Materials, Metal Hardware, Welding Equipments, Metal Packaging, Kitchenware and Industrial Kitchen Equipments

Supporting Publications

Global Business Reports

Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Istanbul, Global Business Reports (GBR) was established in 2001 in order to provide up to date and first hand information for global business decision makers.In an age where cross boundary trade and investment and the globalization process are the driving factors for latest businesses, information is crucial. Precise sectorial reports help companies understand and expand their markets, improve their sourcing chain, target their investments and discover the trends affecting their industry around the world.

Copper Worldwide

A quarterly technology printed magazine established in 2011. The coverage focuses on the global supply chain for copper and its alloys in terms of production and processing. Target readers are managers and executives with budget responsibility for capital equipment and/or consumables in those sectors.


BNamericas is a business intelligence platform boasting Latin America’s largest profile database that includes 17,000+ projects in different stages of development, 46,000+ contacts, 24,000+ company profiles as well as news, analysis and statistics.
Thousands of users from the world’s largest companies trust BNamericas to help develop their business in sectors such as Mining, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Electric Power, Financial Services and ICT, among others.
Request a free demo at www.bnamericas.com

BNamericas es una plataforma de inteligencia de negocios con la mayor base de datos de Latinoamérica que incluye +17.000 proyectos en diferentes etapas de desarrollo, información clave sobre +46.000 contactos y +24.000 perfiles de compañías.
Miles de usuarios de las empresas más grandes del mundo confían en BNamericas para desarrollar sus negocios en sectores como Minería, Infraestructura, Petróleo y Gas, Energía Eléctrica, Servicios Financieros, TIC, entre otros.
Solicita un demo gratis en www.bnamericas.com


PANORAMA MINERO is a magazine specialized in Argentina mining industry. It has been reporting for 44 years, markets, trends, investments, business opportunities, national and international events.
PANORAMA MINERO publishes 14 issues a years and has international distribution, mainly in the Latin American countries with an important mining tradition and in countries such as England, Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa.

PANORAMA MINERO, also publishes:
• Mining Industry Compendium
• Suppliers Catalog
• Special Thematic Supplements

E-mail: suscripciones@panorama-minero.com
Tel: (011) 4781 4760/8095/5262 4784 9673 / 4706 3234 / 4783 8002
PANORAMA MINERO: 42 Years reporting Business Opportunities

PANORAMA MINERO es una revista especializada en la industria minera argentina. Hace 44 años ininterrumpidos difunde mercados, tendencias, inversiones, oportunidades de negocios, acontecimientos nacionales e internacionales.

PANORAMA MINERO publica 14 ediciones al años y posee una distribución internacional, principalmente en países de América Latina con una importante tradición en minería y en países como Inglaterra, Canadá, Estados Unidos, Australia, Sudáfrica.

PANORAMA MINERO además publica:

• Compendio de la Industria Minera Argentina
• Catálogo de Proveedores
• Suplementos con Temáticas Especiales
E-mail: suscripciones@panorama-minero.com
Tel: (011) 4781 4760/8095/5262 4784 9673 / 4706 3234 / 4783 8002

Grupo Periodístico Industrial

Grupo Periodístico Industrial es una compañía que integra una oferta completa de servicios comunicacionales. Desarrollamos, gestionamos y potenciamos variadas herramientas de crecimiento empresarial, con el objetivo de integrar innovaciones comunicacionales que dan valor a todos nuestros clientes. Actualmente editamos 3 medios de comunicación; Revista AMagazine (Sindicato de Supervisores AMSA), Revista Profesionales Candelaria (Sind. Superv. Minera Candelaria) y Revista Profesionales del Cobre (Federación de Supervisores CODELCO CHILE).

Únicas Revistas interactivas con contrato directo para los Supervisores de faena. Nuestras revistas son la vitrina perfecta para informar y comunicar una gama de productos y servicios para los Supervisores de Faena Minera.

Mineria Chilena

MINERÍA CHILENA, es una publicación mensual independiente especialista en generar un punto de encuentro entre mandantes, proveedores, gremios, académicos, universidades y todos los actores de la industria. Cuatro décadas después de su creación vamos hacia adelante, en innovación, tecnologías, tendencias y mucho más. www.mch.cl

MINERÍA CHILENA, is an independent monthly publication specialized in generating a meeting point between constituents, suppliers, unions, academics, universities and all industry players. Four decades after its creation, we are moving forward, in innovation, technologies, trends and much more. www.mch.cl


ProActivo is a multiplatform media, which provides specialized and independent analysis, focused on the extractive industries. Since 2003, ProActivo has been reporting on relevant events in mining, energy and hydrocarbons, with exclusive interviews to business and opinion leaders. It is a necessary media for the entire mining and energy community, recognized by CEOs, professionals, politicians and authorities. ProActivo is the first publication specialized in Safety, Health, Environment and Social Responsibility. Environment and Social Responsibility.

ProActivo es un medio de comunicación multiplataforma, que brinda análisis especializado e independiente, enfocado en las industrias extractivas. Desde el año 2003, ProActivo informa sobre los acontecimientos relevantes en minería, energía e hidrocarburos, con entrevistas exclusivas a los líderes empresariales y de opinión. Es un medio necesario para toda la comunidad minero energética, con el reconocimiento de empresarios, profesionales, políticos y funcionarios. ProActivo es la Primera Publicación especializada en Seguridad, Salud, Medio Ambiente y Responsabilidad Social.

Nueva Minería y Energía

Nueva Minería y Energía (NME) es una revista chilena de publicación mensual, que se enfoca principalmente en los sectores minería y energía, que busca ofrecer una nueva alternativa informativa, técnica y especializada de ambas industrias.   

Revista NME distribuye gran parte de sus ejemplares a las compañías mineras y empresas proveedores más importantes de la minería en Chile. En tanto, en la industria energética, la revista se distribuye a las principales compañías generadoras, empresas transmisoras y a las distribuidoras del sector.  

Los grandes temas que interesan y preocupan a la minería y energía se abordan con una mirada que pretende ser diferente, más aguda y más analítica, conservando siempre el rigor periodístico y la profundidad técnica.  


Nueva Minería y Energía (NME) is a Chilean magazine published monthly, which focuses mainly on the mining and energy sectors, which seeks to offer a new informative, technical and specialized alternative for both industries.  

NME Magazine distributes a large part of its copies to the most important mining companies and mining supplier companies in Chile. Meanwhile, in the energy industry, the magazine is distributed to the main generation companies, transmission companies and distributors in the sector.  

The big issues that interest and concern mining and energy are addressed with a look that aims to be different, sharper and more analytical, always preserving journalistic rigor and technical depth.


DatamarNews is Datamar news portal, which brings the main current affairs in foreign trade and maritime transport in Brazil, the East Coast of South America and Chile. The website uses Datamar's data, and its products aggregated to the news to allow its readers a deep analysis of the segment both in Portuguese and English, allowing a bigger reach of the South American logistics news.


Women4Metals is an initiative to promote women in the metal industry. Our vision is to work together to establish the metals industry as an attractive employer for women with fair conditions for all. Our goals are to attract more women to the metal industry, to fill more expert and management positions with women, to support women on their career path, to focus more on different perspectives, to create more visibility for women in the metal industry and to actively demand equal opportunities for all.