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Provisional Program for RefComm Galveston 2023

Below is the provisional program for RefComm Galveston 2023 to help you plan your time during the event. Please check back here for program updates, abstracts and speaker information, dates and times:

Coking Hall (10-12 May)

Reduction of Coke Drum Overhead Line Fouling Rate
Daniel Sabud
Petron Bataan Refinery

Rick Heniford's Legacy
Coking.com and others
Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions

Coker Person Acheivement Award - Gary Gianzon
Coking.com and others
Marathon Petroleum Company

DCU Unheading Valve Experiences
Urban Showe

Mechanically Dewatering PetCoke using Heavy Duty Vibratory Technology
Ben Belton
General Kinematics
Blowdown Header Failure Learnings
Gustavo Garcia, Rick Lucas, & Andrew Wall

Coker - Feed Preheat Optimization
Mohan Dhas
Lummus Technology

Coker Blowdown Line Integrity
Greg Gaudet

Challenges and Lessons Learned in the First Repair of Coke Drums at the Ecopetrol-Cartagena Refinery
Carlos Antonio Ahumada Morales
Solving Fractionator FZGO Line Clogging Issue During Start-up
Haizlin Sulaiman
Malaysian Refining Co. Sdn Bhd
First Coke Drums with Tongue-and-Groove Skirt
Dr. Mahmod Samman
Houston Engineering Solutions, LLC

Coke Drum Bottom Flange to BUD Best Practices
DeltaValve, ERC, ExxonMobil, Flexitallic, IMI Critical, YASREF,

Design and Process Considerations when dealing with Low Temperature Drums
Don Tran and Gabi Bergeron
Lyondell-Basell Houston Refining, LP

Advancements in Coke Drum Life Extension Repair Technology and Design
Ronald Payne
WSI (and Chevron)

Massive Clogging in DCU after April 2019 Earthquake Incident
Daniel Sabud
Petron Bataan Refinery

Decarbonizing your Fired Heaters with Hydrogen Fuel
Luke Glashan, P.E.
The Transfer Lines & the Coke Drum - What is going on in there?
Mitchell Moloney

CatCracking Hall (10-11 May)

IIOT and Safety with MEA’s FCCU Plug Valve Actuation Technology
Taras Dykun

Cyclone Metallurgy:  Material Selection to Optimize the Reliability and Useful Life of the FCC Cyclone System
Stephen Forry
CECO Emtrol-Buell
The Do's and Don'ts for FCC Refractory
Dan Sack
Optimize the Reliability of Steam- Assisted Flares
James Risko
Challenges and Requirements of Proper Operation for Compressor Anti-Surge Valves
Manny Vasquez
The State of Fugitive Emissions Qualifications

Noninvasive Flow Measurement Developments & Innovations for Severe Service Refinery Applications
Flexim Americas Corporation

Slide Valve Degradation and Preventative Maintenance
Tapco Enpro

FCC Slurry Reboiler Fouling Control and Foulant Removal in an Using Advanced Antifoulant Chemistry
Dan Haabs
Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions
Pre-Cleaning FCC Flue Gas for Carbon Capture
Matthew Gardner
Elessent Clean Technologies (BELCO)
Raman Spectroscopy Applications in the Refining Industry
Dr. Michael Kester & Mr. Tory Woolf
Endress+Hauser USA

The Commissioning of the Campana Refinery FCC Unit: A Case Study
Marcelo Insaurralde

Overview of Husky Superior FCC Explosion (April 26,2018) - CSB Final Report
Neal Cammy
Blac Inc.
Economics of octane loss in FCC gasoline desulfurizers
George Hoekstra
Hoekstra Trading LLC

Impacts of Processing Bio Components in the FCCU
Mel Larson

Sulfur Hall (9-10 May)

Sulfur Recovery Process, Design, and Troubleshooting
Elmo Nasanto
Nasanto Consulting

Improving Reliability: Managing Sulfur Pit Material Removal Challenges
Thomas Kline

Solving the Skills Gap Challenges in Sulfur Recovery with Knowledge Automation
Christian McDermott

Sulfur Run-down Lines
Brandon Forbes
Controls Southeast, Inc. / Ametek

Sour Water Strippers-Reliable Tools Translate to Reliable Designs
Matthew Bailey
Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

The Community SWSPlus Concept – Turning Trash To Treasure
Martin Taylor & Charles Kimtantas

Don’t Scrap Your Old SRU, Rejuvenate It
Scott Kafesjian

Raman Spectroscopy Applications in the Refining Industry
Dr. Michael Kester & Mr. Tory Woolf
Endress+Hauser USA

MOTIVA PAMC Sulfur Tank Lowered Emissions and Sulfur Pit Degassing
Ron Pitman
Motiva PAMC

SRU Overpressure: A Practical Discussion of Risks and Mitigations
Joe Brindle
Sulphur Experts - Amine Experts