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Thanks again for coordinating and moderating our Vendor Spotlight presentation. I thought it went very well. We are also having a very good show! This has been (by far) the best virtual conference experience we have been involved in. You and your team have done a fantastic job!

Alan Carlock, Corporate Marketing Director, Stress Engineering Services

I want to thank your team for an incredibly successful virtual RefComm. Nothing beats a face-to-face interactive conference; however this is a close second. This conference was well organized and the format allowed us to interact / network with our customers. The programs were educational. I appreciate the countless hours of preparation you have dedicated to this successful conference.

Steve Wilkie, Director of Strategic Relations, CIRCOR | DeltaValve

Dear RefComm Team, Thanks for your great work, I really enjoyed the training and the content of the first ever virtual Refcomm. It is a great experience and very timely learning and connection for me to the community. The video production is great and the timing of each session is perfect. Definitely a lot of work behind the scenes to make this work.

Huidong Gao, Ph.D., Production Team Support Engineer, Coker Unit, Shell Deer Park

I really enjoyed the conference and really learned a lot about the mechanical engineering of the DCU. The virtual conference was basically run without flaws and I loved the functionality on the site. Well done!

Dr. John Clark, , Clark Coking Consulting

I thought this was a great event. I have always enjoyed discussing these issues and discussing them with colleagues. Having the Vendor program be recorded so I could go back and see ones that conflicted with other presentations was fantastic. It was good to see people, if briefly, that I had not seen for some time...You all are doing a great job in providing a valuable service to the Delayed Coking industry. Thanks!

Mike Kimbrell, Delayed Coking Advisor and Heavy Oil Consultant,

Your conference is excellent. I've been to 20 other conferences. RefComm is the best. At some conferences I speak to CEOs. At your conference, I speak to exactly the right person - the engineers and the project people. They understand how important our equipment is for their production.

Nicola Dessalvi, , IMI Critical | Remosa

I've spent my life going to these conferences and RefComm is by far the best...interactive and intensive learning and networking activities...nearly an even split between both refinery operating personnel as well as service companies - suppliers. This breakdown naturally results in unparalleled content. Refinery operators address their specific problems and the solutions they've found to those problems.

Robert Brelsford, Downstream Technology Editor, Oil & Gas Journal

Among the points that stand out in my humble judgment, one is to share even for a brief moment with people with such high knowledge in the world associated with oil processes. And they share it gladly in that conference. It's great! Being able to know the experiences lived in other business units, like chemical cleaning, development of new repair techniques for drums, new equipment level measuring valves. etc. makes it worthwhile to attend. We may not agree on 100% of the points shown but that diversity of thought is part of the greatness of the human being. That is why I recommend those people who have not had the opportunity to attend refcomm to do so for the next event.

Cruz Mario Gonzalez, Foreman, Petrolera Petropiar (PDVSA - Chevron Texaco )