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Technical Agenda - Key Themes

The CRU Sustainable Fertilizer Production Technology Forum will bring together technical and sustainability experts from across industry to highlight new innovations and advances in decarbonisation, emissions abatement, energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable production of nitrogen and phosphates.  

  • The technical agenda will incorporate two core content focus areas:

  • Investing in innovation: Exploring the future of sustainable fertilizer production and the industry’s role in energy transition, decarbonisation and circular economy principles
  •  Greening existing assets: Utilising technology developments to enhance energy efficiency, reduce emissions and enhance water and effluent management in existing production assets

    Subject areas will include:

  • • Green, blue and turquoise ammonia & hydrogen technology • Ammonia/Hydrogen to power technology
    • Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technology • Emissions abatement technology
    • Energy efficiency advancements • Phosphorous recycling technology
    • Water and effluent treatment technology • Water resource management
    • Phosphogypsum management • Projects incorporating more than one of the above