2023 List of Sponsors

Gold Sponsors


CCMA, LLC has a 30-year history as a successful marketer, trader and distributor of metals, alloys, ores and concentrates for the steel, ferroalloys, foundry, aluminum and superalloy industries. Our aim is to meet customer requirements in a manner that makes us the supplier of choice providing financing, logistics, sales and marketing services to our principals, producers and customers.

Bihar Foundry & Castings Ltd.

Bihar Foundry and Castings Limited (BFCL), established in 1971 is an integrated steel plant based at Jharkhand, India, manufacturing Ferro Alloys (1,20,000 MT P.A.), Sponge Iron (130,000 Mt P.A.) and MS Billets (1,50,000 Mt P.A.). Recently we have added Medium and Low Carbon Ferro Manganese with normal & Low Phos. BFCL is among the Top 10 exporters of Ferro Alloys from India and has recently been awarded MOST TRUSTED MANUFACTURER OF FERRO ALLOY of the year 2021-India at Indo Arab Leaders Summit & Awards 2022 DUBAI. Under the leadership of visionary chairman Dr. Hari Krishna Budhia (Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Colorado, USA) and his young and dynamic son Mr. Gaurav Budhia, Director BFCL is setting industries Best standards in Quality Assurance, Customer satisfaction and commitment.

thyssenkrupp Materials Trading

thyssenkrupp Materials Trading is a leading international trading and services company, with a workforce of 300 employees and over 1500 satisfied customers. The company operates on a global scale through a comprehensive sales and distribution network. In the fiscal year 2021/22, the company generated net sales of €3.4 billion and a shipment volume of 3.2 million metric tons.
The company offers a comprehensive range of raw materials like ferro alloys and base metals as well as specialized services, including financing and shipping and is serving a variety of industries including automotive, construction, energy, and manufacturing. With a customer-focused approach, thyssenkrupp Materials Trading is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to its clients.

Cango Metal

Cango Metal is a worldwide supply chain partner to Steel Mills and Foundries. The main products of raw materials that we supply cover a comprehensive list of process consumables used in manufacture of low alloy, mild and high alloy steel. The focus in every transaction is quality and value addition to end users. We effectively leverage the global mining and processing partnerships to supply metals, alloys and minerals using a network of offices, sales and service specialists as well as distribution centers. With extensive end user network and of experience in raw materials supply chain management solutions, we ensure strict adherence to input quality and improvement in recovery and efficiency.


“ Indiano” have become preferred manufacturer and suppliers to our partners through our continuous innovations in manufacturing and raw material transformations. For example, our latest manufacturing innovation now delivers almost nil Phosphorus, nil Titanium, high FC and zero moisture metallurgical coke that helps improve quality of Ferro Alloys and Steel for our customers. Through an unique innovation in thermite process, we produce ultra-low Carbon Ferro Chrome with super low Phosphorus and ultra-low Titanium. Our ULC Ferro Chrome is highly appreciated by global steel mills and we export our material to many countries. In a short span, our companies have garnered significant minority share in the market in all its product lines. We are one of the fastest growing companies in metal and allied industry in India. We have long-term repeat business from over 85% of our clients and many of the group’s customers still count us as a major supplier, and in some case the only supplier, for many years! The group has customers in Asia, Middle East, Far East, Europe, Africa and the US. The secret to our success though, has always been our people. Our motivated team has an entrepreneurial sense of customer ownership that leads to innovative solutions, loved by our customers! Sales@indianoglobal.com

Silver Sponsors

All Minmetal International Limited (AMI Group)

All Minmetal International Limited belongs to AMI Group, strives to supply the raw materials with stable quality for the worldwide metallurgical industry, and is the leading supplier of cored wire raw materials like CaSi, Ca metal, etc, is also the leading exporter for FeSi, FeMn MC, FeMn LC, FeCr LC, FeMgSi, BaSi, Mn, SiC, GPC, Graphited Granular in china.AMI Group is a China-based company, mainly focused on supplying raw materials for Metallurgy, Refractory, Cement, Concrete, Chemicals Industry, etc... AMI Group has three different production units for Silica Fume, Ca Metal, and Foundry Ferro Alloys in China. Also, trade other raw materials for the above industries.


The CRONIMET Group, headquartered in Karlsruhe, is a worldwide specialist for stainless steel scrap, ferroalloys, powder metallurgy and primary metals. For four decades CRONIMET has been a supplier of raw materials for the industrial production of stainless steel, steel, foundries & powder metallurgy. The focus lies on Trade & Sales, Recycling and Production & Services. The company founded in 1980 is currently present at 70 locations around the world. The main products within the CRONIMET Raw Materials GmbH are FeTi, FeMo, FeW, FeNb, FeB, FeV, FeCr & Ni.


Founded in 1979 Euro-Rijn Global Logistics BV is your perfect logistics service provider. Our specialists know your sector like no other. We organize worldwide forwarding, chartering, warehousing and/or processing of your ferrous, non-ferrous, minors, concentrates or additives, we know how to find the best logistics solution for you every time. We bring business forward!


Headquartered in Skokie, Ill., LanzaTech transforms waste carbon into materials such as sustainable fuels, fabrics, packaging, and other products. Using a variety of waste feedstocks, LanzaTech’s technology platform highlights a future where consumers are not dependent on virgin fossil feedstocks for everything in their daily lives. LanzaTech’s goal is to challenge and change the way the world uses carbon, enabling a new circular carbon economy where carbon is reused rather than wasted, skies and oceans are kept clean, and pollution becomes a thing of the past. For more LanzaTech visit https://lanzatech.com

FILO d.o.o.

FILO d.o.o. is a private company, with its own production for cored wires that are used in steelworks and foundries. Filo d.o.o. company makes cored wires with a fully automated production line L300 for making the high quality cored wire. This line is believed to be the most perfect and completed line of its kind in the world. Modern production line for cored wire, up-to-date of preparing the fill with suitable devices for weighting and transporting both incoming raw materials as well as final products, enable complete control of the production process. The production line is optimized for making cored wire of dimeter 9mm, 13mm and 16mm and for filing of FeTi, FeNb, FeV, FeMO, Ca-metal, CaFe, CaFeAl, CaSi, C, S, FeB, FeTe, etc. The capacity of the line depends on the diameter of the wire and the weight and sort of the fill. In practice, this means about 600 tons of different fills in a month

Jai Balaji Industries Limited

Jai Balaji Group is one of the largest manufacturers of steel in the private sector in Eastern India. We have integrated facilities for producing steel across the states of West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa. Our Group has a chain of value- added products which includes DRI, Pig Iron, Ferro Alloys, Alloy and Mild steel Billets, Reinforcement steel TMT Bars, Wire Rods, Ductile Iron pipes, Alloy and Mild steel Heavy Rounds and Copper inserted cathode bar and anode stubs for primary aluminium Industries. We draw our strength from an old tradition of reliable customer service and quality products.

• Jai Balaji Group as whole generates revenue of more than 1 Billion Dollars per annum providing employment to more than 10,000 employees.
• We are one of the largest manufacturers of Ferroalloys in the eastern part on India with a production capacity of 145 thousand tonnes per annum which includes 7 submerged arc furnaces,2*6MVA,2*9MVA and 3*16.5MVA.
• We are the largest producer of low-carbon ferrochrome in India.
• The company presently generates power from its captive power plant with a capacity of 100 MW which is sufficient to power all the Ferroalloy plant.
• We are one of the first company which generates Green Power by utilising the waste heat gases in our captive power plant.

Mescier Metal Mamülleri

We, Mescier Metal Mamülleri Pazarlama San Tic ve A.Ş (www.mescier.com.tr) have been started its activities in the casting sector with the principle of providing the products requested by the companies it is supplier of, in a quality, timely and economically. Our company is the representative of casting and steel raw materials manufacturers located in many countries around the world.

Our Activity Areas; * Steel Mills *Pig foundries *Steel foundries *Non-ferrous foundries *Shipyards *Rolling Mills

Basic Pig Iron, Ductile Pig Iron, scrap in various analyzes and all kinds of casting auxiliary materials in our product groups; silicon carbide, carbon donors, grafting materials, ferro silico magnesium, ferro silico manganese, high and low carbon chromium, high and low carbon manganese, ferro titanium, ferro silica, ferro molybdenum, chromite sand, perlite, surface cleaning materials steel ball, grit, besides, there are nickel, tin, niobium, vanadium, pure metals such as tungsten, furnace refractories and insulation materials. With all these materials, we respond immediately to the demands of our business partners from our warehouses in Gebze, Bartın and Karabük, Turkey.


SoftMetal is a trading platform for multi-element metals, like ferrochrome, stored at safe, insurable, and financeable warehouses around the world. Define your own grade and standards, appropriate range of chemical composition, location, and CO2 footprint, achieve the best result according to your needs. Explore liquidity, create arbitrage opportunities, and realize/trace premiums for higher quality or lower CO2 footprint versus the average market.

The interests and positions of participants remain confidential to SoftMetal itself, rendering indiscretion and front-running impossible. It makes the platform a safe venue to trade.

Producers, consumers, and traders gain access to an exceptional market price discovery platform. Starting with ferrochrome, this is easily extendable to alloys such as SiCr, FeSi, SiMn, FeNi or other physical assets with complex specifications. Softmetal brings unique, verifiable, and accountable value to the market and advance it far beyond existing exchange functionalities.

Mortex Group

Mortex Group is one of India’s largest exporters of Bulk Fero Alloys. Our strength lies in Manganese & Chrome Alloys mainly SiMn 60, 65 and 70 min, HC FeMn 75 min, MC FeMn 78 and 80 min, HC FeCr 60 min & 65% min & LC FeCr 60 & 65% min. Mortex exports to over 60 countries globally having 150+ active customers and turnover of appx 400,000MT of bulk alloys annually

We recently started a new plant by the name of GPT Castings Ltd (Located in Barjora, Durgapur) which specializes in the production of Mn alloys, mainly SiMn & HC FeMn.

Another major development is the introduction of HC FeCr with Cr 65 min and Si 1% max, a grade which was earlier not being offered from India.

We look forward to meeting our existing partners as well as new potential ones during the conference.