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This information centre is the ideal place to keep up-to-date with key industry news. We will be posting exclusive press releases, white papers and articles about the event and the wider ferroalloys industry. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer back regularly to ensure you do not miss out on invaluable content.

Coronavirus - CRU's analysis of its impact on commodities
Various Authors, updated regularly

What does Covid-19 mean for South African Chromium supply and logistics?
AUTHORS: Tomislav Bucic, Ferrochrome Analyst & Rory Knight, Prices Analyst, CRU
27 March 2020

Battery metals: review of 2019 price drivers and themes for 2020
AUTHOR: Daniel Chen, Prices Analyst; CONTRIBUTOR: Charlie Durant, Research Manager; CONTRIBUTOR: Michael Finch, Head of Wire and Cable; CONTRIBUTOR: George Heppel, Senior Analyst; CONTRIBUTOR: Nikhil Shah, Principal Analyst - all of CRU
11 February 2020

New EU auto emissions targets and their impact on steel demand
AUTHOR: Matthew Watkins, Principal Analyst, CRU
14 January 2020

How declining prices and weaker fundamentals are affecting the Ferroalloys market
Greg Smart, Ferroalloys Prices Editor, CRU
25 October 2019

US-Turkey sanctions will overshadow 50% steel import tariff
Chris Bandmann, Analyst, CRU & Alexander Ordosch, Analyst, CRU
21 October 2019

Steel prices always rise in September… don’t they?
Matthew Watkins, Principal Analyst, CRU
15 August 2019

Lithium miners blink first in face of falling prices
AUTHOR: James Jeary, Analyst, CRU
CONTRIBUTOR: George Heppel, Senior Analyst, CRU
31 July 2019

Nornickel to help fill Class 1 supply gap, but more investment needed
Nikhil Shah, Principal Analyst, CRU
5 July 2019

Global lithium demand to double by 2024
George Heppel, Senior Analyst; Daniel Chen, Battery Metal Price Assessor; James Jeary, Analyst; Charlie Durant, Research Manager; Rebecca Gordon, Divisional Director Technology Metals; CRU
2 July 2019

Excess supply looms in the USA
Chris Holden, Research Manager, CRU
24 June 2019

AMG Vanadium Building New Plant in Muskingum County
19 June 2019

Watch our market roundup: Ferrosilicon price developments
Speakers: Tomislav Bucic, Price Assesor, CRU; Greg Smart, Ferroalloys Prices Editor, CRU; Estelle Tran, Prices Analyst, CRU
31 May 2019

Molybdenum demand unaffected by short-run oil price volatility
James Jeary, Analyst, CRU Group
7 May 2019

Whose tungsten projects will satisfy growing demand?
AUTHOR: Adina Sholanova, Consultant, CRU, CO-AUTHOR: Josie Armstrong, Principal Consultant, CRU
29 April 2019

Chinese uranium stockpiles limit spot price upside
AUTHOR: Toktar Turbay, Consultant, CRU  CO-AUTHOR: Ian Hiscock, Head of Consulting, South East Asia, CRU
26 April 2019

Vanadium prices face a turbulent 2019

AUTHOR: Aleksandar Popovic, Principal Consultant, CRU; CONTRIBUTOR: Willis Thomas, Consultant, CRU
5 April 2019
With cobalt from the DRC rising, tracing the source is vital – could Blockchain tech be the solution?
AUTHOR: Kajal Kumar, Research Analyst, CRU. CO-AUTHOR: Rebecca  Gordon, Head of Non-Ferrous Metals, Consulting, CRU.  CO-AUTHOR: George Heppel, Senior Analyst, CRU
27 March 2019

Watch: Market roundup - Ferrosilicon prices fall
Estelle Tran, Prices Analyst, CRU and Tomislav Bucic, Price Assessor, CRU,
11 January 2019

Video: Market Roundup: Cobalt and molybdenum price lower
Alexandra Anderson, Prices Editor; Tomislav  Bucic, Price Assessor; George Heppel, Senior Analyst; James Jeary, Analyst - CRU
18 January 2019

What to expect from the EU Steel safeguard measures
Chris Bandmann, Analyst, CRU; Matthew Watkins, Principal Analyst, CRU; Alexander  Ordosch, Analyst, CRU; Michelle  Liu, Analyst, CRU. 
14 January 2019

Ferroalloy industry cautious on weakening outlook and Trump’s trade war - Reflections from CRU Ferroalloys in Orlando
Aleksandar Popovic, Principal Consultant, CRU and Willis Thomas, Consultant, CRU,
30 October 2018

Indonesia sets sights on increased nickel capacity to meet battery sector demand
Nikhil Shah, Principal Analyst, CRU and Peter Peng, Senior Analyst, CRU,
22 October 2018

Manganese metal price hikes – a storm in a teacup?
Aleksandar Popovic, Senior Consultant, CRU,
21 May 2018

Manganese ore under pressure from loss-making Chinese producers
Dmitry Popov, Senior Analyst, CRU. 
4 May 2018

Katanga will bring Cobalt market into surplus
George Heppel, Consultant, CRU
4 January 2018

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