Frequently Asked Questions

CRU is committed to making you have the best possible experience before, during and after our events.   Please see below for our frequently asked questions:

I have received an email asking if I want to buy the Nitrogen + Syngas 2020 attendee list – have you sold my data? 

We have recently been advised that some of you are receiving email communications which claim to have CRU's Nitrogen + Syngas 2020 attendee list for sale, but which you do not think have originated from CRU. These emails have not come from CRU, and CRU Events do not rent, share, or sell your data, including you email address, to any third parties who may sell this data on. These companies have no association with CRU and are not authorised to use our name, logo, or sell any data on our behalf. 

If you do receive such an email, please delete it and do not click on any links.  

I have been contacted by a company (not CRU) saying I can get a great deal on my hotel room for Nitrogen + Syngas 2020 through them – are they genuine? 
In short, no.  CRU has not, and would never, appoint an agency to handle hotel bedroom sales on our behalf. We block a number of rooms for our event which you can directly book via a special weblink at a preferred conference rate, which will be sent to you via email once you have registered. 

If you are approached by a company called Convention Housing Services or Exhibition Housing Services, or EHRS for bedroom bookings – these companies are NOT recommended by CRU - we strongly advise that you do NOT book any rooms with them. They cannot guarantee your booking and may charge you with additional fees that make them more expensive than they pretend to be.  If you do reserve a room via these agencies or companies, then that is at your own risk and CRU will unfortunately, not be able to assist.  

Note regarding Coronavirus: 
In view of the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, we understand that you may wonder if Nitrogen + Syngas 2020 will go ahead.  To date, there are no travel restrictions (outside of Asia) and therefore the event will proceed as normal, but we suggest delegates keep abreast of their own government's travel advice.  If there are any customers who have recently visited the Hubei province, we suggest you contact the conference team to discuss appropriate action in terms of your attendance. CRU will continue to monitor the situation/advice from the World Health Organisation, as the health and well-being of our clients and staff is our priority. We will post any updates on our website, and/or contact delegates directly.  We recommend delegates consult their own country's government guidance and company travel advisories if you require any additional information.

If you have any questions, please contact