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CRU's Nitrogen+Syngas magazine for the nitrogen and syngas industries

Nitrogen+Syngas provides unrivalled technical and market coverage of synthesis gas and its derivatives – on the nitrogen side, ammonia and downstream products, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and UAN – as well as hydrogen, methanol and gas-, biomass- and coal-to-liquid technologies.

Both in print and online, Nitrogen+Syngas is the only publication to provide global coverage of the nitrogen and syngas industries, with unequalled insight into technologies and developments for producers worldwide. Subscribers to the magazines receive both printed and online interactive copies plus a free copy of the Fertilizer Industry Directory as part of their subscription package.

Nitrogen+Syngas is the exclusive publication for the CRU Nitrogen+Syngas Expoconference. It is also distributed at all key industry conferences and events, emphasising its recognised position as the market’s leading title.

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Marlene Vaz

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Richard Hands, Editor
Lisa Connock, Technical Editor

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