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We are delighted to announce that the CRU Silicon Market Forum will be held in Trondheim, Norway from 10-13 September 2024. This is the essential meeting for the silicon industry to connect, exchange ideas, and do business with key producers, consumers, suppliers, and traders of silicon metal, polysilicon and silicones. 

This year the event will incorporate the Silicon for the chemical and solar industry conference to offer a broader range of content covering all aspects of silicon production and the primary chemical processes. You can also look forward to an impressive line up of high-quality industry speakers on the CRU Silicon Market Forum agenda and the opportunity to engage in strategic discussions to help you to understand the market conditions, and to make better-informed business decisions.

“The Silicon for the Chemical and Solar industry conference will join forces with the CRU’s Silicon Market Forum that covers the important market and price issues. Together these events will be a powerful intelligence tool for the industry, covering the important points in sustainable operation.”
- Merete Tangstad, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

The Forum continues to attract a record attendance with an expanded timetable to allow for more networking time though out the 4-day event. Join CRU and our 2024 partner, NTNU in Trondheim at the #1 networking event for the silicon industry, attracting the sector's top players, and build your professional network. 

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We will cover the key developments that will shape the silicon metal market and industry going forward and address key risk factors, including:

  • What are the prospects for silicon metal demand, supply, and prices in 2025 and beyond? 
  • How will silicon metal demand be impacted by technical changes and innovations and process improvements? 
  • How will the silicon metal industry be affected by environmental rules and regulations, the transition towards carbon neutrality, and trade policies?  
  • Will new and evolving applications make meaningful contributions to silicon metal demand before the end of this decade?
  • Will there be sufficient silicon metal capacity to meet demand before mid-decade?  
  • Will enough raw materials and other critical inputs, including skilled labour, be available to support future production gains? 
  • How is the market position of China evolving?  

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