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List of Sponsors

Host Sponsors

PCC BakkiSilicon

PCC BakkiSilicon (www.pcc.is), belonging to the PCC Group (www.pcc.eu), operates one of the world’s most modern Silicon Metal plants in Húsavik, Iceland.

The reason for PCC BakkiSilicon´s location in Iceland, apart from it’s central geographical location, is the use of geothermal resources as an energy source. The plant is 100% operated with renewable energy. This allows PCC to cut the greenhouse gas emissions significantly.  PCC BakkiSilicon deliveries it’s Silicon Metal into various industries: Aluminium industry as an alloyant, Chemical industry for the manufacture of siloxanes and silicones, Battery industry as an anode material. PCC operates an own quartzite mine to secure the supply of this key raw material.

The plant is totally integrated into the nature and creates new opportunities for the Húsavik region in the North of Iceland. PCC is proud to be the Host Sponsor of the Silicon Market Forum 2022 in Iceland.

Gold Sponsors


Metix (SMS Group) is a leading global provider of process plants and engineering services for the pyrometallurgical industry spanning both the ferrous and non-ferrous sectors.

The team of passionate and skilled engineers have developed specialised patented equipment and turnkey abilities for all types of smelters.

Metix operates from Johannesburg (RSA) and combines more than 100 years of experience with the know-how of more than 700 smelter projects worldwide. The latest designs and drawing tools are applied to deliver client specific solutions that work.

Metix maintains its market position by continuously training employees and improving both its products and its customer service.



Tokai COBEX – a company of Tokai Carbon Group. We are operating worldwide as a manufacture and developer of premium carbon and graphite products, such as Cathodes, Furnace Linings, Carbon Electrodes and Specialty Graphite. Our core competencies include wide-ranging expertise in raw materials, application know-how and excellent understanding of manufacturing processes in our customers’ industries such as primary aluminium, pig iron, silicon metal, and ferro-alloys. A highly skilled team with years of experience in product development and application assists our customers with their technical knowledge and expertise. Our global service network enables us to respond flexibly to both regional and industry-specific requirements of our customers. 


CCMA is a proven performer in the metals and alloys supply chain for over 30 years. Our proficiency is the culmination of centuries of experience in the field, working with producer partners and end consumers to realize their mission and full potential. Expertly bringing metallurgical materials to where they are needed most with a tailored, client-focused approach and an emphasis on security of supply.  Contact our team for additional details: + 1 800 828 6621 or sales@ccmallc.com

Silver Sponsors


Landsvirkjun is an energy company owned by the people of Iceland. The Company generates electricity from renewable energy sources: hydropower, geothermal energy, and wind power. Landsvirkjun produces the bulk of electricity generated in Iceland, or over 70%, which is delivered to industries, the service sector, and households. Approximately 85% of the energy is sold to large end-users in the industrial market and 15% on the wholesale market. Landsvirkjun operates fifteen hydropower stations, three geothermal power stations and two wind turbines for research purposes, distributed in five operating areas around the country. The Company’s headquarters are in Reykjavík.


Tenova Pyromet is a leading company in the design and supply of high capacity AC and DC furnaces and complete smelting plants for production of ferroalloys, base metals, slag cleaning and refining. Tenova Pyromet also designs and supplies equipment for material handling and pre-treatment, alloy conversion and refining, granulation of metal, matte and slag, furnace off-gas fume collection and treatment, and treatment of hazardous dusts and waste. Tenova Pyromet has several technologies to reduce operating costs and increase production efficiencies. Furthermore, Tenova Pyromet provides feasibility studies, construction & commissioning supervision and operator training…ultimately offering clients peace of mind project execution! 

All Minmetal International Limited (AMI Group)

All Minmetal International Limited belongs to AMI Group, strives to supply the raw materials with stable quality for the worldwide metallurgical industry, and is also the leading exporter for FeSi, FeMn MC, FeMn LC, FeCr LC, FeMgSi, BaSi, Mn, SiC, GPC, Graphited Granular in china, in addition, we are supplying Mg ingot and Si metal to world wide market regularly. AMI Group is a China-based company, mainly focused on supplying raw materials for Metallurgy, Refractory, Cement, Concrete, Chemicals Industry, etc... AMI Group has three different production units for Silica Fume, Ca Metal, and Foundry Ferro Alloys in China. Also, trade other raw materials for the above industries.

XingGems USA

XingGems USA was established in 2017 in Colorado, USA, specializes in large graphite/carbon electrodes technology, production, marketing etc. We supply UHP600-750/Ø780~1,320mm electrode with capacity 60,000/30,000 Mts. We have staffed our teams with experts from the global Carbon & Graphite industry. These teams work to support our customers with high quality products that meet the demanding needs of a modern melt shop.  Solid quality management system guarantees high quality and stability of finished product.


ALC PERECHIN TIMBER-CHEMICAL PLANT(PTCP)-producer of hardwood charcoal, charcoal briquettes, resins from Ukraine.PTСP is one of the top 3 biggest producers in Europe, located 20 km far from the European border which allows to provide fast and diverse logistics solutions.Our main product is charcoal which has Cfix content up to 90%, granulation composition in the range from 5 to 80 mm, and can replace coke and coal in the production process for silicon and metal producers, allows reducing CO2 emission and carbon taxes. The company operates since 1894, its technology was developed according to the needs of metallurgical, industrial customers.Production cycle-fully automatic.Organic substances formed as a result of production do not enter the atmosphere, they are used for recycling, thereby generating energy as a source for the further production process and internal needs of the plant.PTCP works according to BSCI and ISO standards and produces PEFC, REACH and Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificated goods. Nowadays PTCP works with producers of silicons and metal from EU. Wood that PTCP use as a raw material is from PEFC-certified Ukrainian forestries.Our charcoal meets the requirements of the European Union as ecological raw material.Every batch of our product goes through quality control by our laboratory