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CRU Silicon Market Forum 2023 was hosted in Krakow, Poland from 19-21 September, with a site visit to the Tokai COBEX carbon electrode site in Nowy Sacz. The 2023 event attracted a record attendance with an expanded timetable to allow for more networking time thoughout the 3-day event. This Forum offers the ideal opportunity to network with leading producers, consumers and traders of silicon metal, polysilicon and silicones.

“We feel privileged and happy to be co-hosting the CRU conference in 2023 in Krakow. We thank CRU for this opportunity and welcome all participants in Kraków  - Poland’s Royal City. This is going to be an exciting time. We look forward to a great networking, having so many representatives of the industry in one place”
-Piotr Jaskierski, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Tokai COBEX

In a market environment characterised by heighted uncertainties and substantial volatility, join key producers, consumers, industry suppliers, and companies with a stake in the silicon industry, to discuss what lies ahead, and get answers to the below questions:

  • When will stronger growth in global silicon demand resume?
  • Which sectors and countries will drive future consumption growth?
  • Where will new silicon capacity emerge?
  • Are there sufficient supplies of critical inputs?
  • What is the future position of China?
  • How will geopolitical and environmental issues shape the future of the silicon industry?

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