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List of Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Tokai COBEX – a company of Tokai Carbon Group

For more than a century, we have been a flagship of carbon and synthetic graphite design andmanufacture, supplying a variety of high-end products such as cathodes, furnace linings, carbon electrodes andspecialty graphite.


Our core competencies include wide-ranging expertise in raw materials, application know-how, and excellentunderstanding of manufacturing processes in our customers’ industries (including primary aluminium, pig iron,silicon metal, and ferro-alloys).


A highly skilled team with years of experience in product development and application assists our global basedcustomers with their technical knowledge and expertise providing innovative solutions.


Our Research and Development staff work in collaboration with our parent company Tokai Carbon to develop the nextgeneration products and our global network enables us to respond flexibly to both regional and industry-specificrequirements and is fit to tackle the challenges of the future.


ALC “PERECHIN TIMBER-CHEMICAL PLANT” (PTCP) produce hardwood charcoal and is in the top three biggest European producers, it located 20 kilometers far from EU border so that allows to provide low-priced and predictable logistics solutions. PTCP charcoal have fixed carbon index up to 93%, fraction composition in the range 5-80 mm and can replace coke and coal to reduce CO2 emission and carbon taxes. Plant operates with long term experience, since 1894, it’s technology was developed according to the needs of metallurgical industrial customers. Production cycle is fully automated. PTCP works according to BSCI, ISO standards. Nowadays we also work with producers of silicones and metals from EU, moreover PTCP produce ethyl acetate and resins. All wood that we purchase is from PEFC and FSC certified Ukrainian forestries, it confirms its legality. Organic substances formed as a result of production do not enter the atmosphere they are used for recycling, thereby generating energy as a source for further production proces and internal needs of plant. Our charcoal meets the requirements of European Union as an ecological raw material. Every batch of our product goes through quality control by our own laboratory. We have Carbon Footprint Manager that can provide calculation of CO2 emission.


CCMA is a proven performer in the metals and alloys supply chain for over 30 years. Our proficiency is the culmination of centuries of experience in the field, working with producer partners and end consumers to realize their mission and full potential. Expertly bringing metallurgical materials to where they are needed most with a tailored, client-focused approach and an emphasis on security of supply.  Contact our team for additional details: + 1 800 828 6621 or sales@ccmallc.com