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The steel industry is under pressure from policy makers, financiers, consumers, and the community to decarbonise. With the global industry accountable for an estimated 8% of the world’s carbon emissions, the industry can make a huge positive difference to future generations, as well as to its own fortunes – if it can decarbonise effectively.

Public awareness of environmental issues and global regulations to reduce emissions are increasing, putting pressure on governments and financers to cease investment in polluting companies. This, coupled with steel consumers looking to eradicate carbon emissions from not just their own factories, but from their supply chains too, is driving a revolution in how steel is made, fabricated, consumed and recycled.

And while miners and steelmakers who produce less emissions can charge a ‘green premia’ for their products, carbon taxes (or carbon border tariffs) may impact trade flows and create new winners and losers.

This global issue requires coordination from mine to market to really be successful. Companies need to understand their emissions exposure through their entire supply chain and look for new solutions - clean energy, more efficiency, new technology, and better recycling processes – to succeed and thrive.

CRU is pleased to bring you Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference. This is the first major, explicit conference on the topic, and it aims to provide steel producers and the steel value chain with a deep dive into incoming trends and best practice on how to decarbonise.

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