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Exhibitor Profiles 2021

Crowe LLP

Crowe LLP is one of the largest public accounting, consulting, and technology firms in the United States. ESG pressures and compliance requirements will be far reaching. Metals companies will need the critical data foundations and decision-support integrations through-out the enterprise. Crowe’s broad expertise automating complex GRC requirements, combined with our team of over 220 metals industry digital technologists can help you demonstrate leadership and innovation toward environmental stewardship. Leadership in environmental stewardship is a great outcome of innovative modern digital transformation throughout your organization. See how Crowe supports the Metals supply chain using Microsoft technology and how we help global metals companies plan for supply chain regulatory and compliance requirements.

Midrex Technologies Inc.

Midrex Technologies Inc. is the world leader and innovator for direct reduction ironmaking technologies. For 50 years, Midrex has provided reliable and flexible DRI technologies that maintain outstanding product quality and production while employing the latest eco-friendly technologies. MIDREX® plants are the industry’s most productive and reliable direct reduction plants, with a proven history using the broadest range of energy sources and raw materials while delivering unparalleled operating flexibility and economic value. Midrex continues to develop innovative DRI solutions that improve our new plant designs as well as support our existing plants. The company’s headquarters and technical center are located in Charlotte, N.C., USA, with offices in the U.K., China, India, and Dubai.

Mobius Risk Group

Mobius Risk Group supports steel and scrap management teams in navigating the futures hedging space. From process to strategy to controls to reporting, the Mobius team has it covered for you, shoulder to shoulder as a partner. Mobius Risk Net is our proprietary, cloud based, SSAE 18-attested deal capture system which warehouses physical and financial trades, and moves business away from both Excel based position management, and clunky, expensive deal capture systems.