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*Agenda is provisional and subject to change. All agenda times are listed in Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)


Monday 24 October


10:00 Registration and exhibition open

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Technical Showcase Agenda

This value-add agenda will feature a series of 15-minute technical presentations, showcasing a variety technical products and services covering both sulphur and sulphuric acid production areas. 


10:45 Kimre Mist Elimination Technology
Miles Valentine, Kimre

11:00 Steuler Quickfit: Benefits of shop fabricated pre-lined equipment delivered ready for service to site
Roland Guenther, Steuler

11:15 Dampers for Sulphuric Acid Applications
Kim Bovien & Mark George, Damper Technology

11:30 Improving Emissions using Mist Eliminator Wetting Systems
Craig Cassells, Business Development Manager, Begg Cousland Envirotec

11:45 Sulfuric Acid Catalyst for Low SO2 Emission
Dr. Jochen Willersinn, Technology Manager, EMEA - Sulfuric Acid Catalysts

12:00 Tubesheet inspection and ceramic lining
Mark Welters, Innalox

12:15 SUPERACCUDROP HP - The next frontier in sulphur pastillation
Gianluigi Virgilio, Process & Sales Engineer, SBS

12:30 Get more out of your Sulfur Burning furnace by replacing conventional baffles with a VectorWallTM mixing wall
Tim Connors, Blasch

12:45 Sulfur pit vent emissions: How to treat them well
Yves Herssens, MECS-Elessent Clean Technology


13:00 Lunch 


Commercial and markets agenda


14:00 Sulphur market outlook: What is next after the 2022 sulphur price collapse?

  • What were the drivers of sulphur prices declines? Can the correction be fully explained by fundamental factors?
  • Has the sulphur market now shifted to oversupply? What is the outlook for supply/demand in the medium term?
  • How has the war in Ukraine re-written sulphur trade flows? Does this present global supply rick or opportunities to new origins?

Dr Peter Harrisson, Principal Analyst, Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid, CRU

14:45 Sulphuric Acid – Will supply tightness ease in 2023 and push prices to follow sulphur lower?

  • How have acid prices responded to sulphur price collapse? What influence has demand market affordability had on acid prices
  • Has the acid market now recovered from severe supply shortages? How has demand responded in 2022?
  • Where will new supply and demand come from in the medium term? Will new supply push acid markets into oversupply?

Erisa Pasko, Analyst, CRU


15:15 Networking and refreshment break


16:00 Phosphate market outlook

Glen Kurokawa, Senior Analyst, CRU


16:30 Sulphur Crossroads! Multiple developments threaten a half century of decent market balances

John Bryant, President & CEO, The Sulphur Institute


17:00 Close of conference sessions


17:00 – 18:30 Welcome reception

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Tuesday 25 October

08:00 Registration and exhibition open

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Dual-Streamed Technical Agenda

Sulphur Track


09:00 How about capturing CO2 and generating H2 via advanced sulphur recovery technology in this energy transition era?
Marcus Weber, Executive Director, Process/Speciality Engineering, Fluor

09:40 Recovery of hydrogen and CO₂ from Sulphur Plants
Gerrit Bloemendal, SME Gas Treating and Sulphur Recovery, Worley Comprimo

10:10 Delta Controls SRU Process Camera Product Launch
Matt Coady, Delta Controls

10:40 Networking and refreshment break

11:10 Old but Gold – DegaSN – Siirtec Nigi’s Sulphur Degassing
Diego Scilla, Process Engineering Coordinator, Siirtec Nigi Spa

11:40 SRU/TGTU catalyst optimisation
Al Sail Al Jaberi, Process Engineer, ADNOC Sour Gas

12:10 Processing SWS gas in an SRU: Why everything you thought you knew is wrong
Gerald Bohme, Principal Engineer, Sulphur Experts

12:40 Networking and lunch break

14:00 Sulphur pits ejector performance challenges
Adel Najjar, Saudi Aramco

14:30 Incinerator’s refractory and shell damage due to condensation in TGTU absorber overhead line
Alya Alali, Engineer - Process Operations, ADNOC Sour Gas

15:00 Tubesheet Protection Systems – achieving through systematic inspection
Domenica Misale-Lyttle, Technical Director, Industrial Ceramics

15:30 Networking and refreshment break

16:00 Comprimo Sulphur Workshop
This practical hands on workshop led by Comprimo experts will cover:

  • Comprimo Insight: a digital tool to make your plant data work for you
  • Overview of Sulphur recovery technologies with a recovery above 99.5% and highlight the differences in Capex, Opex and CO2 footprint


17:30 Close of conference sessions

Sulphuric Acid Track


09:00 ClearView™ – experiences from when digitalization meets reality
Marten Nils Rickard Granroth, Licensing Manager;  Rasmus Sverdrup, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Topsoe A/S

09:30 Can digital twins solve the workforce challenges of the process industry?
Dr. Susanna Voges, Director of Operations, Voovio Technologies SL

10:00 A step change in performance with selection of catalyst geometric shape
Jochen Willersinn, Technology Manager, EMEA - Sulfuric Acid Catalysts; Marco Kennema, Head of Digitization Process Catalysts, BASF

10:30 Networking and refreshment break

11:10 Facing the new challenges of the world with optimal catalyst solutions
Martin Alvarez, Solution Specialist, Topsoe A/S

11:40 IBC Success Story
Héctor Cipriano González, Chemical Engineer - Plant Manager, Industrias Basicas de Caldas

12:10 KCM – Innovator in the Pb metal production through Ausmelt technology and variable SO2 concentration off-gas utilization
Georgi Doganov, Smelting and Sulphuric Acid Manager, KCM

12:40 Networking lunch break

14:00 Road to sustainability – Preparing for energy transformation in sulphuric acid industry
Dr Hannes Storch, Vice President, Metals & Chemical Processing, Metso Outotec

14:30 How green is your sulphuric acid plant?
Rene Dijkstra, Acid Technology Manager, Chemetics Inc.

15:00 MECS® HRS™ Technology and carbonless energy generation
Colin Shore, Carbonless Energy Leader, MECS / Elessent Clean Technologies

15:30 Networking and refreshment break

16:00 Hydrogen Safety Panel - Formation and risk mitigation

  • Theoretical considerations
  • Explosion limits
  • Explosion pressure and ignition
  • Hydrogen formation
  • Plant and equipment design considerations
  • Risk mitigation

Moderated by Rick Davis, Davis & Associates


Dr Hannes Storch, Metso Outotec

Jurgens Hanekom, Elessent Clean Technologies

Rene Dijkstra, Chemetics

17:30 Close of conference sessions

17:30 Networking drinks reception

Sponsored by Elessent MECS Technologies

Wednesday 26 October

08:00 Registration and exhibition open

Registration sponsored by Topsoe

Dual Streamed Technical Agenda

Sulphur Track


09:00 Modern day emission reporting from Sulphur Recovery Unit
David Inward, Industry Manager - Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, SICK AG

09:30 Sneaky SO₂ breakthroughs
Jeff Weinfield, Software Development Engineer, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

10:00 A comparison of the various processes available to remove SO₂ and SO₃ from flue gas, in order to meet ever-tightening legislative limits
Niels Seijsener, Process Engineer, Fluor B.V.

10:30 Networking and refreshment break

11:00 MESCon Roundtable: Corrosion considerations for the sulphur plant operator

Moderator: Angie Slavens, Managing Director, UniverSUL Consulting

Panellists include:

Elmo Nasato, President, Nasato Consulting
Ravi Srinivas, Process Engineering Manager, ADNOC Sour Gas
Domenica Misale, Technical Director, Industrial Ceramics
Gerrit Bloemendal, SME Gas Treating and Sulphur Recovery, Comprimo
Rob Marriott, Director of Research, Alberta Sulphur Research Limited (ASRL)
Gerald Bohme, Principal Engineer, Sulphur Experts

12:30 Networking lunch

14:00 Holistically reviewing the sulphur block to determine the impact and mitigation of processing bio-feeds in a refinery
Marco van Son, Technology Manager, Comprimo

14:30 Unique considerations for sulphur storage
David Savage, Project Manager, Matrix Service Company

15:00 Thermoacoustic modal analysis for large sulphur reaction furnace
Mason Lee, Engineering Manager, Aecometric Corporation

15:30 Comparison of start-of-run versus end-of-run kinetics for COS and CS2 destruction across Claus Al2O3 and TiO2
Christopher Lavery, Project Manager, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. (ASRL)

16:00 Close of conference


Sulphuric Acid Track


09:00 From Safehr® to SafeHx®, improving safety and reducing acid cooling costs
Vitor Sturm, Process Engineer, Clark Solutions

09:30 Case study: Engineering and delivery of an “Edmeston SX®” absorption circuit for BASF-Meaux
Frans Kodeda, Technology Manager, Edmeston Product Center, Metso Outotec

10:00 Converter replacement at the Simplot Rock Springs Wyoming sulphuric acid plant
Randal Sarrazin, Technical Sales and Operation Manager, NORAM Engineering & Constructors Ltd

10:30 Networking and refreshment break

11:00 Concentration monitoring of sulphuric acid and oleum with LiquiSonic® - Inline, in real-time and maintenance-free

Simon Puels, Application Manager, SensoTech

11:30 Extension of the converter’s operational lifetime
Mathijs Sijpkes, Project Engineer, Sulphurnet; Victoria Arauz Garcia, Process Engineer, UBE Corporation Europe S.A.

12:00 EXTRACID - First dewatering system (SCU) with up 70% energy recovery
Gregory Becherer, Sr. Vice President, CG Thermal LLC; Andreas Wilk, President / Managing Director, Wilk Graphite

12:30 Networking lunch

14:00 Chemetics workshop

In this workshop, led by Mike Fenton and Rene Djikstra, participants will gain insights into the following areas:

1) The CORE-SO2™ Process – Reduce cost and improve environmental performance
2) Details matter – Design equipment to improve operations and the bottom line
3) Contracts – How to get what you want.


15:30 Networking and refreshment break

16:00 Close of conference